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Eat Clean Meal Plan 5

My personal meal plans are in the process of evolving along with me. So, you may see tweaks and changes each week as I continue to experiment.

But as always I will be following my usual guidelines for meal planning.

Must be easy.

Must not use a bunch of crazy ingredients.

Must not make me want to throw all of my pots and pans through the window when meal prep is over.

You know, those things that keep me from absolutely loosing it.

I have gotten in over my head with some meal plans where I absolutely feel the need to break something after. It’s really not pretty. So, knowing what I know…I generally keep my own meal plans in check. I have a few MAIN recipes and the rest I sort of keep the same.

Less work in the kitchen equals a happier Jenn. I am already in there way too much as is.

Eat clean meal plan 5

Eat Clean Meal Plan 5

Eat clean meal plan 5


Fiesta Lime Chicken


Zuppa Toscana Soup


Chicken Enchilada Chili

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

Enjoy! I know I did. A few things were changed along the way, but overall it was a good week!


Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may earn a small commission (at no expense to you). Thank you so much, this is how I keep my blog up and running. 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Clean Eating Meal Plan 3

I’m loving having a plan for the days to come! Do you find that you mindlessly graze while actually cooking? It doesn’t help anything when I am hungry, trying to stay on track AND trying to figure out what the heck to eat. Bad combination. I reach for whatever is available which tends to not be the best choices.

I’m enjoying have meal plans put together to keep me on track. But, I am also happy to share them with you all. My goals with these meal plans are to follow clean eating rules as much as possible. You will find that they closely resemble Paleo meal plans and even can evolve into 21 Day Fix meal plans. What does this mean? While they may not be perfection, for the most part they are clean and real food ingredients for you to try! Paleo means that it is more of a grain free version of clean eating (working toward less beans) and 21 Day Fix throws portion control into the mix. If you are looking for specific support with the 21 Day Fix, don’t hesitate to contact me. That is one of the main things I do!

Well, without further talking from me…here is my clean eating meal plan 3. Enjoy!

Clean Eating Meal Plan 3

Clean Eating Meal Plan 3

The Recipes:

Lunch: Loaded Veggie Salad with Chickpeas and Black Beans

Monday Dinner  Butternut Squash Enchilada Casserole + shredded chicken

Tuesday Dinner  White Chicken Chili

Wednesday Dinner Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

Thursday Dinner  Barbacoa Taco Bowls

Friday Dinner… Your choice!

And there you have it! I know some like to follow meal plans exactly while others like a little freedom. I have several friends who follow these more over a two week span rather than one. I currently run a 5 day clean eating jump start group every single month complete with meal plan and workouts. Would you like to join? You are welcome to come and enjoy the new recipes and participate however you are comfortable. Just email me and we can get you in there! (jennfehrenbacher@gmail.com)

–must not be currently working with a coach, I don’t want to step on any toes!


Disclaimer This post may contain affiliate links where should you purchase through them I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thank you so much! This is how I keep my blog up and running!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Eat Clean Meal Plan 2

I learned a tough lesson last week. I had just completed one round of the 21 Day Fix and I wanted some freedom. I thought that I could handle just eating Paleo and being able to control my portions. It just didn’t happen. Period. I had a road trip added into the mix with a lot of driving in just a few days and it was just more than I could handle.

While it’s disappointing, I at least KNOW what I need to do. And that is a very big step for me. So, it is back to the 21 Day Fix for me this week. I’ve got my tracker app reset and my containers back out. Once I finally decided to get my containers back out, I realized that I am actually at peace with it. It is what it is. I FEEL better when I’m doing it. I am proud of myself for not giving up and I know it works. Simple as that.

Meal planning is a big part of keeping me on track. I have food to eat and different ideas so that I am not left wandering what to cook and eating chips while I’m wandering. You know how you just feel better about things when you have a plan?

Here is my eat clean meal plan 2 for you to try out. I loved the healthier version of General Tsos Chicken from Beachbody. Great over cauliflower rice!

Eat Clean Meal Plan 2

Eat clean meal plan 2

Recipe Links:

Mexican Brown Rice Bake

Slow Cooker Steak Fajitas

Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl

Healthier General Tsos Chicken

Lunch: Greek Chicken Bowl

Come join me on the 21 Day Fix journey! We can do this together.  Don’t hesitate to contact me about joining in on my next round.  The plan is laid out for you and I will help with the support and the food plans!

21 Day Fix plan

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where’s should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission at no expense to you. Thank you so much! This is how I keep my blog up and running!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Clean Eating Meal Plan #1

Our upcoming 5 day clean eating jump start is fast approaching. It really made me start thinking. If I look forward to this 5 days so much, why in the world am I not creating some meal plans for the rest of the month?  For one week, I have new recipes and meals already laid out for me. It’s really nice!  And then the rest of the weeks, I’m not sure what happens. I just lose it! I end up eating plain chicken and vegetables that get very boring or there are days where I am not even sure what the heck we ate.

Why don’t I have a plan more often?  I created a simple plan for last week and I have to say it was really nice! No trying to figure out what to cook or eat. And, I had a SPECIFIC list for the grocery store. That was also nice as I spent less for once. I’m going to share it with you all! It was simple and easy and there were repeat meals ON PURPOSE. I was really trying to keep things as easy as possible. The goal is to balance trying new foods but also spending less time in my kitchen if possible.

Clean eating meal plan #1

I do have some specific criteria for my meal plans. I am going for simple, some new recipes, clean foods, as well as mostly Paleo and 21 Day Fix friendly. This means if I am not on strict 21 Day Fix, it may not be exact but it can be modified! Here you go and check out these recipes. I had very luck with these.  They are definitely keepers!

Clean Eating Meal Plan #1

Clean Eating Meal Plan #1

Recipe Links

Chili Lime Salmon

Balsamic Beef 

Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Fajita Salad

Chicken Torilla-less Soup

Chicken Salad I used the base of this idea, but used Greek yogurt instead of mayo due to our food allergies.  I also added some Klaussen pickle juice and chopped pickles to the mix.

Meal Prep Ideas

Meal Prep Session:

-Cook Monday night meal (chili lime salmon)

-start to marinate chicken for the fajita salad, if there is time cook chicken and vegetables for this. I let my marinate until the day I cooked it and ate it

-cook chicken for chicken salad, prepare rest of mix, refrigerate chicken until cook and then mix together

-Make sauce for balsamic beef and store, you could trim beef and store in a container in fridge until placing in the crockpot with sauce that morning

Clean eáting meal plan

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where should you yunourchase through them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much! I use this to keep my blog up and running. 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

The Easiest Meal Prep

This has got to be the easiest meal prep I have ever attempted. It all sort of happened without a plan and sort of by accident but I am already realizing the possibilities. And besides being so easy, I didn’t have even close to the cleanup that I usually have!! If you ask me, that alone makes it completely worth it.

Have you been eating clean and meal prepping and realizing how time consuming it can be? It’s worth it, but it can really take some work! Meal prepping definitely helps but what if we could make it even easier? I’m going to share exactly what I cooked and then I’m going to share ideas of what to do with it! I am trying to cook family friendly, so feel free to prepare less.  That’s the beauty of this one…just do what works for your family and make recipes YOU want to make.

The Easiest Meal prep

The Easiest Meal Prep

1.) Chicken: Place 8 chicken breasts (or less) in crockpot with a generous coating of adobo seasoning and about 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Cook on high for about 5 hours (until cooked through and can be shredded)

Once chicken is started in the crockpot, Start to boil water in a medium pot on stovetop

2.) Potatoes: when water is boiling add potatoes and cover with a lid.  Cook until easily pierced with a fork.

Now that the chicken and potatoes are cooking, start the ground beef.

3.) Ground Beef: Place 2 lbs (or less) in a wok or pan of choice on stovetop with a little water. Cover and cook through on medium heat.

-I specifically left this in bigger pieces instead of finely ground because I plan to make a burger one pan meal with it.

4.) Sausage: cook 2lbs of sausage (made into patties) using method of choice. I used a griddle, but a grill or stovetop would work as well. I made this in advance especially for my kids and their breakfasts.

– If I am not cooking sausage, I will bake a large amount of turkey bacon in the oven to use during the week

– also another great meal prep idea could be to make an oatmeal bake (there are several on Pinterest!)

While the meat is cooking, start preparing any vegetables or fruit so that you have some READY when needed.

5.) Fruit: just choose fruit in season or fruit that is easily accessible and pre slice what you can.

6.) Vegetables: carrots and cucumbers are staples in our house, pick veggies that you like to have around as snacks.  Sometimes I even go ahead and chop veggies like carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers to be ready for salads throughout the week.

7.) Other: keep a lettuce of choice on hand for any salads and make a salad dressing if desired, nitrate free Canadian bacon for snacks, wholly guacamole

Now we have a lot of food to work with! I am liking this because it is meal prepping but decreasing the amount of microwave use. The goal is to be able to get a meal together quickly by reheating the meat and adding some other ingredients in the stove or in the oven.

21 Day Fixers and Paleo people out there…this is perfect for you! Easy to portion out in your containers 😊

Chicken Ideas

Chicken Salads, chicken tortilla soup, fiesta lime chicken, chicken taco mix, chicken salad, fajitas

Fiesta lime chicken mix

Ground Beef

Salsa Unstuffed Cabbage, Hamburger Skillet, Unstuffed Pepper Soup. (Paleo …make cauliflower rice to add to the soup), Chili, Tacos, Spaghetti (with spaghetti squash if you choose), taco soup

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup


Use as is, cut into fries and reheat in oven (with drizzle of oil and sea salt), slice and reheat on stovetop (think German fries…drizzle oil, sea salt, black pepper),  mashed potatoes, cut and add to vegetable soup

Breakfast/Sausage/Turkey Bacon

Typically I drink a shake, but my kids eat some type of meat and fruit or applesauce


For snacks or breakfast. Toward the end of the week I may peel and freeze the bananas. Also, before the apples go bad…think about peeling, chopping and baking them with cinnamon


Snacks, bake carrots in the oven near the end of the week


Canadian bacon Rollups, guacamole as a dip for veggies

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where should you purchase through them I may receive a small commissions (at no extra cost to you). Thank you so much! This is how I keep my blog up and running. 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Before the Ultimate Reset

I first heard about the Ultimate Reset program at least a year ago. I looked into it a bit and thought “no way.”  It was a major diet overhaul. Quite honestly I just didn’t think I had it in me to stick with it and not quit. It was also more than I wanted to spend and then fail. See…we all have those feelings of self doubt. It’s human 😊

Ultimate reset

Now let’s fast forward to this year. I don’t know what I had done to myself. But I had spent too much time eating clean and then giving in on the weekends. I went crazy last December with the treats. Then I started thinking I couldn’t eat hardly any carbs. I was ALL OVER the place. Eating healthy, eating junk, overeating. I can only guess that all of this back and forth with my food choices had a profound effect on my body. It finally caught up with me I guess. What is scary is I thought I was being mostly healthy.  I guess it’s proof being a yo-yo with food really isn’t good for you.  I don’t think my body could keep up.

Before The Ultimate Reset

I ended up having some major trouble with my throat that was even radiating into my chest. My stomach was super bloated most of the time (like I looked pregnant quite often) and I was not losing any weight for anything. (And I know for a fact that I could lose 15-20 lbs from the point I was at). My body was just completely out of whack.  I ended up being diagnosed with gastritis, heartburn/reflux, and a candida overgrowth in my throat. What the heck!? I have been miserable for almost 9 months with this diagnosis. And I also can’t get any help with it. I’ve never been so frustrated. I just keep getting one prescription after another that is not helping. (And I would say they actually make me feel worse 😡). I don’t want to take these medications anyway. So, I feel like I am STILL bouncing from one thing to the next when I really just want sone help!

Anyway, that’s where I was at when I decided to rethink the Ultimate Reset. I read about people that were having amazing results with how they were FEELING. Things had finally gone so far and I was so frustrated that I knew I needed a major change. And THAT was what put me in the right state of mind to DECIDE that I was going to do this one way or the other. That was the frame of mind I needed to succeed.

I needed something to push me so far that I had no other choice but to do this right.  We all know I’m a delinquent at heart!  It was time that I stopped this terrible relationship that I have with food!  I needed a redo or a reset where I just started over.  Pounds and weight aside, I needed to feel better!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was sick of barely making it through the day.  I was sick of being in a fog and telling my kids “mommy doesn’t feel good.”  How did I get myself to this point?

I made the investment in ME for once and decided I was going to take 21 days of serious meal prepping and grocery shopping and saying “no” to fix what I had done.  Have you ever felt like this? Are you ready to make major changes too?

Stay tuned….I am going to continue sharing my journey as it happens with you all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ultimate reset



This is post contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission.  I use this to keep my blog up and running, thank you!


Jenn Fehrenbacher

5 Quick And Easy 21 Day Fix Meals

So you are ready to eat clean. Or you started the 21 Day Fix and the first week was awesome! You are making progress. At the beginning you had all of this great motivation to cook and try new recipes and take extra time in the kitchen to make your healthy meals. And then, real life happened. You got busy or overwhelmed. Or maybe you just became stinking tired of spending soooo much time in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning up after. (That’s me)


Is there a way to find some kind of balance? Is there way to have it all? Meaning can you eat clean, healthy meals without spending endless hours preparing all of it as well as dealing with the aftermath in your sink and on your counters? I think there is a way. It starts with setting aside a chunk of time to meal prep. I have a day where I will spend 1-2 hours cooking most of my staples for the week. It gets easier and faster the more times you do this, I promise. I cook meat and vegetables and then wash and cut any fruit and raw vegetables. You can check this post out for my exact steps for clean eating meal prep. It is one of my most popular guides. And I keep it simple!

Here is the big question though…what do you do with the food? For example, is there a way to turn your meal prepped food into several different recipes throughout the week? Ladies and gentleman, yes there is. I am going to share with you some of my recipe breakthroughs. I like to call them 5 minute meals. My goal for these was to basically use food that I already had around the house and repurpose it into a tasty meal in 5 minutes.

And for all of my 21 Day Fix friends out there, you are going to love this. Simple meals AND simple portion measuring. No guesswork with your container amounts here. No casseroles to figure out (😁😜). The containers used for these recipes are straight forward. Clean eaters, I’ve got you covered too. Here are my 5 favorites so far. Enjoy!

5 Quick And Easy 21 Day Fix Meals

1.) Fiesta Lime Chicken

Fiesta lime chicken mix


2.) Greek Chicken Bowl


3.) Tuna Bacon Salad

Bacon avocado tuna


4.) Mexican Chicken

5 minute Mexican chicken


5.) Balsamic Summer Chicken Mix

Balsamic chicken, beans, and veggies

**for this one, you will have to choose what you want to use for your blue container: cheese OR avocado (or a little of both..just measure it!)


Are you wandering what I’m talking about with the 21 Day Fix? It  is a specific portion controlled nutrition system that takes the guesswork out of clean eating. You get a certain allotment of color coded containers daily that correspond with different types  of food. You just fill the container for your portion and that’s it. Is this something you would like more information about? Or would you like support on your journey? Contact me here, I would be happy to help!


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate ads meaning should you purchase through them I may receive a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running. Thanks you so much! 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

5 Day Clean Eating Jump Start

It is getting really close to the beginning of the month and I am excited! It means it is almost time for one of my favorite groups…the 5 Day Clean Eating Jump Start!  Why do I like it so much? Because I need it too 😊 It is a great way to start the month off on the right foot with NEW clean meals and recipes. This group in particular has been wonderful for getting me to branch out of my normal cooking boredom and try new things. And guess what was really crazy…I actually really liked the recipes I hadn’t tried before.

5 day clean eating jump start

This totally FREE group is for anyone! Anyone that wants to make a change and try clean eating with the support and help of others or anyone who likes to have a monthly jump start!

5 day clean eating jump start

5 Day Clean Eating Jump Start

1.) Free (you just purchase the food you will be eating)

2.) Meal Plan Provided

3.) Support and Motivation from all of us doing the same thing

4.) Pounds lost: it seems like the average weight loss for people following this plan is 4 lbs…in 5 days!

5.) Recipes to keep and make your own clean eating cookbook

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn what it is like to eat clean and ask any questions along the way. And that is why we aphave made this a monthly group. We officially start on the first Monday of each month, so contact me to add your name to my list of participants. I am getting the meal plans together now and here is what my goal is for this next round of meal plans….

✅ busy mom friendly

✅ crockpot meals included

✅ meal prep tips

5 day clean eating jump start

I want this do-able for the moms out there with not enough time. My goal is for you to start eating and cooking clean…but to NOT be completely stuck in your kitchen cooking and cleaning all day every day (not fun).

Really…you have nothing to lose! Leave your email below, send me an email at jennfehrenbacher@gmail.com or contact me here and we will get you ready to go for next month!

5 day clean eating jump start


**we just ask that you are not a Beachbody coach and not currently working with a coach

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Alternative Sweeteners

Let me clarify right away….when I say alternative sweeteners…I am just talking about different options available to sweeten food other than plain white cane sugar. I am most certainly NOT talking about artificial and fake non food replacement sweeteners. But, I thought I would give a list of options out there that I have found the last few years. I am not saying one is better than the other. I’m just giving a list of options for you to try out and experiment with on your own should you be looking to replace white cane sugar or at least try to make some better choices about it. Because as much as I try to stay away from sugar and really sweet things…sometimes I just need a treat darn it!  So, here are some items I try to use instead when possible. What is really nice about this list  is that it seems like more and more of these products can be found at your local grocery store.  Not all….but the majority of these I have found at our Wal Mart or Schnucks….which is really exciting!  So they don’t necessarily all have to be ordered online or purchased from a specialty store that you may not even have in your area. Alternative sweeteners

Alternative Sweeteners

(in no particular order)

1.) Dates: these are actually one of my favorite ways to sweeten items. I have also removed the pit and frozen them to get out and use as needed.

–Ingredients: dates


chopped dates: remove the pit and chop them, add to things like trail mix, popcorn for a little bite of sweetness (here are two recipes where you could incorporate them very easily…21 Day Fix snack mix, Paleo baked coconut with cinnamon and almonds)

date paste: you can also make a paste and mix into recipes to add sweetness, just microwave some water and place the date in after, let it get a bit soft and then using something like an immersion blender or food processor to create a paste

2.) Honey: honey is probably my most used sweetener when I make a single serving mix to help control my sweet tooth (just out of pure simplicity…it’s so easy to use)

–Ingredients: “100% organic honey”

–Uses: Single Serving Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Coffee, Mixed in with plain Greek yogurt (especially when my kids eat it)…endless possibilities really!

**I don’t always purchase organic…organic honey is somewhat hard to find because it is hard to certify organic due to the bees and their locations 😊  I get what is available.

3.) Maple Syrup: we transitioned to using this instead of traditional syrup with high fructose corn syrup and other junk we just don’t need in it.  It is more expensive than regular syrup…but I find that because of that, I am pretty stingy with how much we use.  Which I guess is good…because we aren’t eating as much!

–Ingredients: from the bottle “100% Pure Maple Syrup No Preservatives”

—Uses: My kids love this for their pancakes, I like to toast some almonds in a pan on the stovetop and stir in a little maple syrup and cinnamon when they are finished for a treat

4.) Maple Sugar:

–Ingredients: “100% pure organic maple sugar”

–Uses: I purchased this when I was making a lot of my own oatmeal packets and overnight oats

5.) Coconut Sugar: I really like the taste of this one.  It tastes a little like caramel in recipes.

–Ingredients: Organic Coconut Sugar

–Uses: Avocado chocolate pudding, Single serving chocolate chip cookie dough (you can use this instead of honey)

6.) Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops: The drops are supposed to be less refined than the powder.  I don’t use these all of the time because I feel like stevia has a bit more of an aftertaste than the other options.  However it is convenient and I know a lot people that swear by it! Keep it in the refrigerator after opening. There are several flavor options on Amazon by the way (sometimes I add root beer stevia to carbonated water)

–Uses: I like to use it to add some flavor to my water (water, Lime Juice, and some stevia drops…kind of like a limeaide, pretty good for something different! I also will use the drops in plain Greek yogurt

7.) Organic Cane Sugar: For when you just have to have it.  Hopefully this is a bit better option!

–Ingredients: Organic evaporated cane juice

–Uses: just like regular sugar

8.) Organic Powdered Sugar: Same here 😊

–And I found both #7 and #8 at our Walmart by the way

Feel free to experiment!  That is what I do.  I’m sure I will figure out more uses for these items along the way and I’m sure Pinterest has lots of options for recipes (that’s always my go to source!) So what I’m saying is don’t just stop at the uses I listed, there are so many more! I think one thing to keep in mind…is that changing your lifestyle is a process.  We are not perfect over here and we have setbacks.  The main thing I feel like is that we are trying to get better!

–Agave Nectar: this is another sweetener, I just don’t have any experience with it

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links where I earn a small percentage should you purchase through them.  I use this to keep my blog up and running! 😊 Thanks!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

The Easiest Way to Meal Prep

I am going to share my meal prep secrets with you. And guys…it is nothing profound. But, I feel like that is the magic really. It is the one reason why I actually stick with it and actually make it work in my life. Are you ready? Here it goes……The easiest way to meal prep is to Keep it Simple.

That’s it. Trust me….whether you are just starting out or you are clean eating pro, my best advice especially for those of us who are super busy is to keep things at a level you can handle. Otherwise you will not do it.

A few weeks ago I had this grand plan to have an amazing meal prep that included several awesome new recipes. On paper…the meal plan looked wonderful. I could not wait to make and eat everything!  I got my stuff together, made a plan and about 3/4 of the way thru my meal prep…I realized that I was in the midst of a nightmare. Here I thought I was going to share all of these great steps with you all….and I will never show that one. Why? Because I will NEVER do that again. See…you have to find what YOU will actually stick with.

Easiest way to meal prep

Here is what I will stick with…simple, easy, minimal clean up. I can handle about 2 hours tops with meal prepping (including cleanup) and prefer shorter if possible. I just can’t seem to get any more involved than that. I don’t like spending money on extra ingredients that I use one time either. So, I’m going to lay out exactly what works for me and exactly how I turn these into different meals throughout the week.

The Easiest Way To Meal Prep for Clean Eating


Bulk Foods:  I have three main food items I keep in mind when meal prepping MEAT, VEGETABLES, FRUIT 

This keeps meal prep short and sweet with minimal clean up and minimal thinking 😊👍🏻  But, it also gives a large amount of food to use during the week  

MEAT: I get this going first because I don’t really have to prepare it…I just start cooking

-I cook several chicken breasts at one time (at least 8) I am really liking cooking my chicken on the stovetop and I usually cook some of it in coconut aminos and then some with the 21 Day Fix southwestern seasoning. This way I have different flavors to use later.

-I also brown ground meat (venison, beef..whatever you use).  I leave this plain and use it later in the week

VEGETABLES: I start working on this next, because there is some prep work involved and some of it needs to be baked.

-Cooked: I prep the veggies I am going to bake first and then get them in the oven ASAP. This is usually baby carrots, frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts (mostly items at this point that I don’t really have to do anything with as far as cutting, the Brussels sprouts are the about only item at this point I actually cut). I cook almost all of my veggies the exact same way…toss with some light olive oil and sea salt and spread out on my big trays with parchment paper and bake them in my oven. I usually bake at 400 degrees and start checking for desired “done ness” around 25 minutes.

-Raw veggies: next I will prepare any raw veggies that I may use. This would be things like bell peppers or cucumbers

FRUIT: I save fruit for last because I start cleaning and cutting it while everything else is cooking.

-Fruit: I wash and cut any fruit that I choose at this point. Strawberries, any melons, pineapples etc. Then I have fruit like bananas, apples and clementines on hand for when needed (depends on what is in season)

Easiest way to meal prep


Find a way to incorporate these bulk foods into your week.  There are some meals where I actually cook them that night.  But most is made during my meal prep. I use the raw fruits and veggies for sides and snacks.  Breakfast is usually Shakeology or leftovers and here are several meal ideas for lunch and dinner.

**are you on the 21 Day Fix...perfect!  Just measure out your portions and keep it within your daily container allotment.

5 Minute Meals: Fiesta Lime Chicken, Mexican Chicken, Bacon Avocado Tuna Salad

Taco Bowl: just reheat the meat and add 21 Day Fix southwestern seasoning, use any chopped veggies you have on hand for toppings (lettuce, peppers, tomato, jalepenos), avocado, shredded cheese if desired, I have added baked cauliflower rice to this mix as well (21DF R,G,B)

Spaghetti: reheat the meat on the stovetop with spaghetti sauce, you could bake spaghetti squash during your meal prep as well (21DF: R,G)

Crockpot chili: get the crockpot out, add your desired chili ingredients and your cooked ground meat and let it do the work for you (21DF: R,G,Y if using beans)

Chicken Fajitas:I sauté some onions and peppers in my wok. And then I cut my chicken (the chicken with the southwestern seasoning) into strips and add to the mix (21DF: R,G,tsp)

Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry: I use the chicken with coconut aminos, cut and reheat in my wok with the broccoli I had already baked.  I may cook some rice to add to the mix or use baked cauliflower rice that I could have made during meal prep, add some more coconut aminos when eating (21DF: R,G,tsp,Y if using rice)

Salsa Unstuffed Cabbage: (21DF: R,G)

Mexican Chicken Mix: (21DF: R, G, Y)

Chicken and Veggies: (21DF: R,G,tsp)

Loaded chicken baked potato: dice the cooked chicken and put that and broccoli on a baked potato, optional shredded cheese, Greek yogurt (21DF: R,G,tsp,Y)

Taco Salad: just reheat the meat and add 21 Day Fix southwestern seasoning, use any chopped veggies you have on hand for toppings (peppers, tomato, jalepenos), avocado and place it on lettuce (21DF: R,G,B)

Salad with chicken and veggies: lettuce, chopped veggies, and either flavor of chicken, dressing (21DF: R,G,O)

Buffalo Chicken Mix: cut chicken (southwestern seasoning) with corn, black beans, tomato, and avocado…add some Franks Hot Sauce (21DF: R,Y,B)

Taco Soup: add pre-cooked ground meat to your favorite crockpot recipe

See?  The possibilities are endless.  You must have to get creative and have an open mind!  You can do it 😊.  And remember….keep it SIMPLE.

Bacon avocado tuna

*21 Day Fix: I gave you a head start with equivalents, but it depends on what you choose to add to them!

For those who are looking for support on their 21 Day Fix journey…contact me and I will help you out!

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