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How to Prepare for 21 Day Fix

I have big plans this holiday season and they specifically include NOT going overboard on food. Sometimes I just need to learn my lesson (again) and I really did last year. One bite of cookie dough turned into licking the icing, eating one cookie and then it spiraled out of control after that. I couldn’t stop!  Once I let myself think it was ok to eat some of those treats all heck broke loose.

I paid for it dearly. Mentally as well as physically. I felt like junk, my clothes didn’t fit and I was mad at myself. I gained weight that I have been working for a year to remove again. What the heck?! After those major mistakes from last year, I am going into this holiday season with new plans. I plan to be “good” most of the time.  However I do plan to indulge with some specific limitations.  I plan to eat and enjoy treats within reason on the specific holiday dates.

Prepare for 21 day fix

But what about those times where we do choose to indulge? How do we come back from that and how do we get back on the straight and narrow?  Well, it’s possible and at this point I make sure I do it quickly. I spend about one week taking steps to get myself back in order and this is exactly how I do it. And as a side note, I am making sure to exercise each of these days.  I don’t necessarily have a plan, I just make sure that I am getting at least some form of exercise in daily during this week.  Sometimes I feel like I am setting myself up for failure to jump straight into the 21 Day Fix without giving myself at least a little time to adjust.  I am going to lay out exactly what I do to get my thinking and my body back on track the week BEFORE starting the fix.

Holiday eating recovery

How to Prepare for 21 Day Fix: The Week Prior

DAY 1: I give up sugar and I make sure to drink half my weight in ounces of water (i.e. If you weigh 160 lbs, drink 80 oz water)

I pick one thing to give up, no questions asked. It is usually the something that is giving my cravings the most trouble. I do not restrict calories this day, my only goal is to cut that food item. I specifically drink a lot of water to help start flushing those toxins out

DAY 2: No sugar, lots of water, lots of healthy fats

I continue restricting sugar and drinking a lot of water. This day is basically like day 1. I eat as much as I want and I specifically make sure to add healthy fats like avocado and grass fed butter. I am lenient today still because this seems to be when my detox headaches show up and I’m just trying to survive!

DAY 3: No sugar, lots of water, lots of healthy fats, no wheat

I continue with my goals from before and then I pick another food that is causing me issues. I usually feel better by day 3, so it is time to reign things in just a little more! I still don’t restrict calories

DAY 4: no sugar, lots of water, lots of healthy fats, no wheat, no cheese

I am usually feeling pretty good here. I will decide to restrict another food that I have let get out of control. Keep in mind, I’m still eating lots of food here and staying happy. For me, I’m still enjoying my favorite treat popcorn!

DAY 5-7: no sugar, lots of water, lots of healthy fats, no wheat, no cheese, transition to a fully clean diet

Now that my problem foods are gone, I use these three days to work on getting my diet to the point where it is back to being clean and as free of processed foods as possible.

DAY 8: 21 Day Fix Portion Control

And this is when things get real lol. But, at this point I’m ready. After tackling one week of getting myself prepared mentally and physically, I am ready to tackle the big one that I know I NEED (portion control). I am generally feeling really good at this point, I have lost some bloat and maybe even some pounds, the headaches are gone and I am ready to tackle the root cause of my eating issues. It always comes down to portion control with me (yes, even with healthy food).

I love the 21 Day Fix because it is exactly that. It is clean eating and portion control with some allowed treats. I am so much more successful with this plan when I spend a week getting myself prepared. I have my treat yellow containers all planned out for this holiday season and I’m ready to go!! I officially start again on Monday and I’m READY. I am also looking forward to getting back to the workouts because I may not enjoy them during the workout 😂😂 but I love the results I get from all of the different types of workouts included. It’s a nice mix of cardio, weights, and strength.

Holiday eating recovery

My yellow container treat plans 😊

Feel free to use my tips to help you get back on track!  Here’s to a great holiday season with lots of love, family, some treats and health!

If you are not currently working with a coach, come join me and my friends for support and motivation on your 21 Day Fix journey.  You are welcome to contact me here.

**also, you pick the foods that are causing YOU problems.  Foods that you can stay out of, that you may obsess over, foods that are causing you problems (I shared the foods that cause me issues, yours don’t have to be the same!)

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links where should you purchase through them I may receive a small commission. Thank you so much, I use this to keep my blog up and running!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Salsa Unstuffed Pepper Soup

It’s almost October and that means we are working hard to get our next meal plan for the 5 Day Clean Eating Junp Start Group finalized and perfected. This also means that I have been experimenting in the kitchen and spending way too much time on Pinterest. (Really, I’m in trouble for internet usage right now 😁)

There are so many great recipes and ideas out there, it’s hard to choose!  Sometimes I pick one and it is a complete flop when I make it and then sometimes I find an idea and run with it. I’m in the mood for fall and I’m looking for pumpkin and soup recipes. I found this recipe and knew it was going to be a good one! It has 21 Day Fix recipe written all over it!

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

Zach will love this one…it uses a bunch of his garden produce!

I know we are all busy and looking for ways to limit our time in the kitchen. There are a few ways you could make this soup depending on your schedule. After making this myself with a few tweaks, I would definitely recommend cooking the rice and just keeping it separate from the soup. When I make soup, I tend to make extra and eat leftovers. The first time I ate this, it was great! The second time, it tasted good but the rice had absorbed almost all of the juice. No longer soup at this point. It was a tasty stew. I also think from a 21 Day Fix standpoint, it’s going to be easier for me anyway to keep the rice separate and just measure my yellow container and then add it when eating.

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

Salsa Unstuffed Pepper Soup


1.) 1 pound ground meat (beef or venison)

2.) 2 Bell Peppers, chopped

3.) 1 onion, chopped

4.) 2 cups rice

5.) 1 quart vegetable broth

6.) 1 quart salsa

7.) 1 can or pint diced tomatoes

8.) 1 can tomato sauce

9.) salt and pepper to taste


1.) Brown the ground meat along with the peppers and onions in a large stockpot (this could be a great make ahead portion during meal prep to use later), drain any fat from the mix

2.) Cook the rice according to directions (you could also do this during a meal prep and save it in the fridge)

3.) Add ingredients 5-8 to the meat and vegetable mix along wo the rice and continue to heat (when it was warm, I added salt and pepper to taste)…simmer for 20 minutes

–in the future I will measure my rice and add it to each bowl when I’m ready to eat (I just think that’s a little easier with the yellow container)

–if you want to turn this into a sort of fix it and forget it, when I was finished cooking the meat and veggies, I added all of that to a crockpot with the remaining ingredients and let it continue to cook.  I didn’t want to continue watching it (#imlazy 😜)

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

See…this is where I messed up. It was great this first time! I think in the future, if I use the crockpot…I will again not add the rice especially if I plan to eat it for several meals

Optional Toppings:

1.) Avocado (1/4 avocado = Blue container)

2.) Greek Yogurt (measure using Red container)

3.) Shredded Cheese (measure using Blue container)

4.) Tamed sliced Jalepenos (measure using green container)


21 Day Fix Containers: Red, Green, Yellow

Here is what I did: I measured 2 Green containers of soup, and then added 1/4 Avocado and diced Jalepenos to the top. I counted it as 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue (mixed together meals can be tricky, this is why I’m going to keep the rice separate next time and specifically measure it with a yellow container)

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

You can find the original recipe here: Stuffed Pepper Soup


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate ads where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. This is how I keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Balsamic Summer Chicken Salad

Wow I have been gone for awhile from my blog! And I don’t like that it happened, but it was a necessary break. The months of April and especially May were crazy! We absolutely had one thing after another, but I have to say it was a lot of really good stuff! I ran a half marathon in Indy, had the special honor of being a bridesmaid in 2 weddings (one in St. Louis), finally got my daughter a much needed appointment at Cleveland clinic….and so on! (Lots of time on the road).

Anyway, I just did not feel like I had ANY breathing room. And can you guess how my eating goes when I am that stressed and in a hurry and jumping from city to city? Yah…not so great. I started with good intentions, but I would say somewhere on the way home from Cleveland (when I was desperately trying to stay awake and not get in a wreck while driving 😁😳) was when I totally fell off the healthy eating bandwagon.

Why do I mention that? Well because…I am not going to spend time beating myself up over it. It is what it is and I’m moving forward. It happened and I think what is most important is that I’m back on track today. I did not continue on, I put a stop to it and that is what counts. I brought my Hammer and Chisel DVDs back out and am working on new recipes too. I thought I would share this little gem I came up with yesterday. It’s a quick and easy throw together kind of meal that can honestly be adapted several ways to fit your dietary needs. I actually ate the whole thing cold (including the leftover chicken I used with it).

Balsamic Summer Chicken Salad

Balsamic Summer Chicken Salad


1.) 3 chicken breasts (I just used leftovers), chop/shred

2.) 1 can black beans (rinse/drain)

3.) 2 bell peppers (I used orange and red), diced

4.) 1 cup cherry tomatoes (cut in 1/2s)

5.) 1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar

Optional Ingredients:

-3 oz mozzarella cheese, cut

-diced avocado (I used 1/4 and just added it to my serving when I ate it, not the mix)


Mix everything together and then add the avocado to your portion when eating it…I made this three serving sizes

Balsamic Summer Chicken Salad

21 Day Fix Equivalents: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue (for the blue…you would need to choose cheese OR avocado)…just measure out your container

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links where if you purchase through them, I receive a small commission. This is what I use to keep my blog up and running. Thank you!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix Taco Salad

Do you have food where you could seriously eat it every week and honestly multiple times a week?  Mine is Mexican style food. True Mexican food, Amercian-ized (yah..not a word, but you know what I mean)Mexican food…doesn’t matter. Give me some salsa, some chips, cheese and anything that pairs well with avocado and I am happy. Yet, I’m trying to be healthy and keep the over-eater in me in check at least most of the time. It’s a battle!

Im always trying to find a happy medium and this salad makes me happy. Makes me feel like I am getting what I love, but also keeping myself in check too. This is really simple and just a toss together meal really. I am using the 21 Day Fix portion control containers to keep myself in line. And this is an easy 21 Day Fix recipe. I like it because sometimes I think casseroles and a bunch of things mixed together can be hard to portion out. This one is obvious!  Here is some more information on how to use the 21 Day Fix containers. The amount of food you cook just depends on how much you want!  And the containers you use, depend on the toppings you choose.  That’s it!

Taco salad

21 Day Fix Taco Salad


1.) 1-2 lbs ground meat (I used venison, beef is fine!) (RED)

2.) 21 Day Fix southwestern seasoning

Topping Options:

1.) Lettuce, chopped (GREEN)

2.) Tomatoes, chopped (GREEN)

3.) Greek Yogurt, instead of sour cream (RED)

4.) Shredded Cheese, (BLUE)

5.) Avocado, chopped (BLUE)

6.) Salsa, (usually GREEN, unless it has a sugar added then PURPLE)

7.) Onions, chopped (GREEN)

8.) Bell Peppers, chopped (GREEN)

*If I am adding onions and bell peppers, I chop them and sauté them in a little bit of oil (TSP) and then add them to the mix

9.) Black Beans, (YELLOW)

10.) Tortilla, (YELLOW)

*you could make this into a wrap with the tortilla or you can bake the tortilla and break it apart to put on your salad like chips


Brown your meat in a saucepan on the stovetop. When it is cooked add a generous amount of Southwestern seasoning and I usually add some water too. Chop your veggies while the meat is cooking and then add it all together however you choose!  Very versatile!

Taco salad

21 Day Fix Containers: For this one, its up to you!  Pick what you want to add and measure it out using the options above and the color container in parentheses. 

If you are looking for more help and support on your journey to get healthy, contact me!  I personally help those that I coach throughout their  journey. Before, during and after the 21 Days. Send me an email at jennfehrenbacher@gmail.com about joining my next support group or send me a message through fb.com/jennfehrenbacher

weight loss support


Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix Timesavers

Eating clean can seem like a never ending chore sometimes. Let’s face it….it IS more work when you compare cooking your own meals and cleaning up to going out to eat or eating from lots of packages. But, I think we find out more and more these days that clean eating and moderation are the way to go from a health standpoint. But, dang there has to be a way to make it easier. And while I still spend more time in the kitchen than I would like to (I dream about relaxing on a porch someday reading a book…yah my kids would never allow that one), I am finding ways to cut corners a bit and save some time. I love utilizing the 21 Day a Fix with my clean eating.  Because that is what it is…portion controlled clean eating (yah…I’m a chronic overeater)

Here are my 3 Most important time saving tips for clean eating with the 21 Day Fix. 

21 Day Fix Timesavers

1.) Have a meal plan

Do this how it will work for you.  You can be really strict about it and plan everything out.  That is totally fine!  I prefer a loose meal plan.  Meaning I have a general idea of the main meals I am going to cook that week as well as the bulk food I’m going to have around to toss together for lunch for example.  Here are more details on how to meal plan. And if you don’t want to take the time to actually meal plan, try this baby out….

21 Day Fix Meal planner

2.) Purchase food in bulk and prepare it in bulk

I am a big advocate of purchasing and cooking more than we would need for just one meal. For example, if I am already grilling…why not fill the entire grill with chicken breasts instead of just a few? I am already going through the trouble of cleaning and cooking chicken.  Why not cook a few extra and freeze them to use at a later date? Or, use them in a different recipe later in the week?  Or soup for example. Make enough to freeze the leftovers. It is pretty handy to be able to just grab something out of the freezer for busy days than have to cook an entire new meal.


Freezing grill meat

3.) Have a meal prep day…seriously this one is huge.

Why get the kitchen super dirty several times a week?  I have a few hours one time a week where I really go for it. I fill that grill up, I cook as many veggies as possible and I wash and cut any raw veggies and fruits that I can. I get almost everything prepared and ready to go for the week so that I can just toss it together as needed. This way I really only cook a few times a week…not all day every day. Check this post out…I outline my EXACT meal prepping steps.



You could even take things a bit further and pre portion some of your meals for the week. I did this for lunch and snacks and a few dinners. I did not want to portion every single meal because I did want to leave some freedom with my choices.  I did like this because I used my 21 Day Fix containers to measure out my foods ahead of time.  So, I knew exactly what I had in each container.  And then, what’s done is done. I got my container out and ate it and did not have nearly as much temptation to go back for seconds because the seconds were not readily available.

21 day fix timesaver



Try this this and see if it helps you on your journey!  I love figuring out shortcuts and ways to make things easier. If you are looking for more support on your 21 Day Fix journey, contact me I would be happy to help you out!  I love running 21 Day Fix support groups where I help you every step of the way. I pass on all of my tips and tricks and help to motivate you along the way. We can do this!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix for holidays: Survival Guide

I’m speaking from experience here.  I had myself feeling great and following the 21 Day Fix just like I should and Bam! Memorial Day happened.  I did not have a plan.  I did not set rules for myself about what I would stick to and then I indulged…a lot.  And those seemingly simple decisions turned into me getting completely off track.  Well, not this time.  I am sharing my plan for getting through this holiday weekend on track and portion controlled.  I plan to be proud of myself on Monday…not upset.  So, we are going to make it through the July 4th holiday here, but use these steps for any party or outing.  It is the times when we are taken out of our comfort zone that a plan matters the most!  And that is why I am sharing 21 day fix for holidays.  This is exactly what I am going to do to keep myself in line!


21 day fix for holidays

When I look at this list of tips, they are super simple and straight forward.  Maybe even easy when broken down.  It all comes down to what you DECIDE in your head.  Make the decision to stay on track and the decision to do this right.

21 day fix for holidays

How to Survive Holidays 21 Day Fix Style

1.) have a PLAN: go into it knowing what is allowed and what is not.
-make the decision to stay on track

One thing I tell myself is “INO…It’s not an option.” It sets the precedent from the start. No gray area, only black and white.  Yes I can have that or no I can’t.  Simple as that.  Ice cream? INO

2.) know how many containers you have allotted for any parties or outings, rearrange them if necessary.  If you know you will struggle at the party and want to overeat..save some extra daily containers for that outing and adjust accordingly the rest of the day.  Still hungry? Eat and extra green container.

3.) remember your yellow treat trade outs and use where you will need them most. (For example would you prefer wine or chocolate or potatoes?)  Just remember, this is an option

4.) if there is not food, BRING what you need. Offer to bring a veggie tray.  Offer to bring food that you can eat to be happy and stay on track.

5.) use your purple fruit containers as dessert. Strawberries and blueberries are a great seasonal treat! (Pretty patriotic actually) Make fruit your sweet dessert. Trust me, you will leave feeling good instead of bloated and uncomfortable.

*bonus tip: don’t stress out and don’t beat yourself up over little choices here and there  do the best you can and be proud of yourself for the decisions you ARE making for your health.

So so there you have it. 5 Simple steps to staying on track through a holiday. This can be done, and you CAN do it!

Recipe Ideas

Avocado Dip with veggies

21 Day Fix snack ideas

Whole Roasted Chicken

Strawberries and Blueberries mixed together (if you are super creative, you could even make it look like a flag)

Pulled Pork (this recipe isn’t perfectly 21 Day Fix, but it is clean and pretty darn close)

For more recipes, check this section out

Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix on Vacation

21 Day Fix on vacation. Yep, I’m going to do it. I (hopefully) learned my lesson in March. I took a trip, got off of my 21 Day Fix plan and really (really) took advantage of the all inclusive of and drinks. Seemed fun at the time, but boy did I pay for my decisions later. I just don’t do well with moderation darn it. I am done going two steps forward and one step back. Time to fix years of bad habits here and leave my city but keep my eating in order.  Because seriously how many times do I need to lose the same set of pounds?

And here is exactly how I plan to stay on track.  For a full list of all of my 21 Day Fix tips and tricks in one place, click here. I have a whole section there on how to conquer the 21 Day Fix on the GO!

21 day fix on vacation

21 Day Fix on Vacation

1.) Have a Plan: come up with a list of meals and snacks to bring with me.  Here is my tentative list of ideas so far.

21 day fix on vacation

2.) Prepare the food and snacks that I can ahead of time  I do not want to be caught with nothing to eat.  I will be bringing my portion control containers just to be on the safe side.  And seriously, I want to eat clean..but I don’t want to spend the whole trip in the kitchen!

grilled chicken

-peel and cut my veggies (carrots and bell peppers)

-wash and prep fruit

-cook several chicken breasts (in southwestern seasoning) as a back up

-marinate chicken breasts to have ready to grill when we get there

-purchase salad fixings and extra veggies to cook when I arrive

21 day fix snacks

3.) Decide what is allowable when eating out BEFORE I go. No rash, silly decisions. I am going to know what is an option and what is not.

-I am going to keep things as clean and controlled as possible.  My plan with eating out is to stick to meat and veggies and lay off the carbs  (no bread basket here!)

-I will be planning to use my 3 trade out yellow containers for wine allowances.  I will adjust my yellow container and any carb eating accordingly throughout the day.

4.) Have Fun!  Realize that it is not all about food and treats. It is about my family and the little things. The special moments we get to have together.

-Really!  It’s not about whether I get to eat cookies…it’s about my family. And they are pretty great even if I am not eating cookies. Perspective

What about exercise?  I’m going to run!  This is one of my favorite places to go for a jog and I can’t wait!  For mornings that it doesn’t work out to get outside, I’m going to take advantage of using Beachbody on Demand and pick whatever I feel like that day!

Do you love the 21 Day Fix?  Or is it something you want to try?  Do it with us!  Contact me about joining my next 21 Day Fix support groups where we do this together!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Countdown to Competition: 21 Day Fix

Ok, I’m going to try to eat like Autumn. No…I have to stop talking like that. I’m GOING to eat like Autumn. That is more affirmative. I was thinking during my workout this morning that “this one was really hard. And lifting heavy weights was tough. And why in the world am I going to keep working this hard but still have slip ups with food?” Now, don’t get me wrong…in my support groups we start where YOU need to start. We make baby steps in the right direction that make it ok for you to continue to improve and make this a lifestyle change.

However, I am at that point where if I want to lose these pounds I am going to have to really dial in my nutrition. Do I want to stay in the comfort zone? A place where most of my clothes fit or get to a SIZE that is truly my goal? That’s a tough one. But, I think I would like to move forward. There I go again. I KNOW I want to move forward. Now what am I going to do about it?

countdown to competition

Enter…eating like Autumn. I am going to start the 21 Day Fix Extreme “countdown to competition” eating plan. And I’m starting ASAP. Not Monday. I’m starting now. What am I talking about? The basis of the 21 Day Fix is portion controlled clean eating. No gimmicks, pills…nothing fancy. It is just simply teaching what to eat and how much for the long term. Without counting calories. Pretty cool. What I really like is that you eventually learn what you should be eating and how much it is just by looking. For example, I have a specific size plate that I know how to fill and stay within my portions. Countdown to competition is a little different. It is way more strict and exact. It is not for the long term…it is specifically designed for shredding fat during a serious 21 days and then going back to regular 21 Day Fix eating after. There is a specific container allotment for each food group just like the regular plan. However, the amounts are different. It is mainly protein (red), veggies (green), tsp (coconut oil), and a little carbs (yellow). Notice…no fruit (purple). It’s serious. You follow 2 days of countdown to competition and 1 day of regular 21 Day Fix eating and then repeat that cycle for 21 days.

I have a whole whole section of FREE help and information for the original 21 Day Fix that you can check out here.

The Main Rules:

1.)  Alternate 2 days on countdown to competition with 1 day Extreme eating plan

2.) Space meals approximately 2 hours apart

3.) Continue to follow regular 21 Day Fix Extreme workout schedule

4.) Coffee, tea and water recommendations remain the same as the Extreme plan

Here is my plan for a sample day.  FYI, there is a little plus sign in the booklet next to foods that Autumn recommends during the countdown to competition and an “x” symbol next to the particular foods she avoids during this.

21 Day Fix Extreme Countdown to Competition

Countdown to competition


*Autumn prefers to drink her coconut oil (tsp allotment) rather than use it for cooking.  Place amount in microwave for 15-20 seconds.

*I would for sure utilize egg whites for this plan if possible.  We just can not in our house due to dietary constrictions.

As far as exercise goes, this falls right in with the daily 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts. :30 minutes a day of intervals, strength and cardio.

Can I do this? YES I CAN. Yes YOU can.

Countdown to competition

I love helping people on their 21 Day Fix journey…if you do not have a coach you are working with..cotntact me about joining my next challenge and suprport group. 30 full days of help, support and motivation to get you through this program! Even better, for the month of June 2015, this challenge pack is on SALE! It’s nutrition, fitness and support all together. Let’s succeed!

21 day fix extreme


Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix Mexican Bake

I’m always in search of new recipes and when one of my support group members shared this one, I knew I had to try it! It started out as a Mexican recipe that included tortillas, but I changed it around a bit to make it the way I like it. That’s one good thing about being the grown up, right? I make things the way I want to :). I’m just calling it a 21 Day Fix Mexican Bake now. There are seriously so many options here with this particular recipe. Feel free to modify to suit your needs! What is really exciting is that it is easy to make and uses simple ingredients. Best of all…it is 21 Day Fix approved. I am definitely going to add this to our list of family favorites. As I look at our favorite recipes, I will admit there is a common theme…Mexican style food. Oh well, right?

I had promised on Facebook I would share what I did, so here you go. Keep in mind that I made this big. You can scale back! Also, I have been passing this one on to several people who I know don’t like vegetables. Yes, it definitely has vegetables, but it seemed like they were kind of hidden. I chopped my peppers and onion really small and when they were sautéed, they were pretty soft. I just didn’t feel like I was eating tons of veggies. So if you have a hate relationship with veggies…you may give this a try!

21 day fix mexican

21 Day Fix Mexican Bake

Servings: 8


1.5 lbs Ground Venison (you can use ground turkey or ground beef)

2 cans chopped green chilies

2 large bell peppers (I used red and orange), chop

1 large onion, chop

Drizzle of light olive oil

21 Day fix Southwestern Seasoning

1/2 – 3/4 c water

2 cans fat free refried beans

2 cups Shredded cheese

Start browning your ground meat on the stovetop. In a separate pan, drizzle your olive oil and sauté your peppers and onions. When the meat is browned, add your chopped chilies and stir. Add the meat mixture to e sautéed peppers and onion when those vegetables are ready. I cooked my peppers and onion in a large wok so that I could just mix everything together in that. Add your southwestern seasoning to the mix generously. Then add approximately 1/2 c – 3/4 cup of water and let simmer for around 5 minutes. While this is simmering spread your baked beans across the bottom of a 9×13 pan. When the big mix is done simmering, spread that out over the refried beans. Then sprinkle your cheese across the top. Put the entire dish into the oven.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes or until cooked through and the cheese is melted.

Containers: red, yellow, green, blue

*In the future I will leave a section cheese free and when I eat that portion I am going to add 1/4 avocado to it as a topping. So, basically I am going to swap a blue container of cheese for a blue container of avocado.

Keep in mind these additional items will alter your containers. So measure them out and make sure to include them in your daily allotment.

Other optional additions:

Black Beans (yellow)
Corn (yellow)

Optional Toppings:

Salsa (depends on what you read..sometimes I see people count as green, sometimes purple)
Lettuce (green)
Avocado (blue)
Tomato (green)
Greek Yogurt (red, instead of sour cream)

*remember, use your best judgement with containers…because I included a lot of variation options!


Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

I am a 21 Day Fix Extreme graduate and I can’t wait to send my results in.  I did it!  All 21 days. I’m really excited because it really took some mental and physical work on my part. I will say, I love that it is in a three week block. This 21 days came and went so quickly. It doesn’t seem like much. I could have decided to wait. But, then where would I be if I had not buckled down and made some changes?  In the same place I was 3 weeks ago..that’s where.

21 day fix extreme results

Portion control is really a struggle for me. And I will be honest..I have started and stopped the 21 Day Fix several times because I let life get in the way. A sick kid, holidays, going out of town. Lots of reasons. I decided enough was enough. I was going to complete a good 21 days. I also made the DECISION to stick with the exercise routines. I am what many people would call a “chronic cardio” kind of person. Exercise is what I truly enjoy. But, I get myself stuck thinking I have to really  overdo it to get any results. Making the decision to stick to 30 minute exercises and trust the system was very hard for me mentally.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the workouts. Autumn really kicked my booty!  Which I love!  I was amazed that I could be that sore, sweaty, and tired from only 30 minutes of daily exercise. It was awesome. My kids liked it too.  It was over and done and then we moved on!  I really had to give myself a pep talk during some of the workouts. Who says you can’t really challenge yourself from home?


21 day fix extreme results

I’m ready to go Extreme!

As for the food, I stuck with it. And I am proud that I was able to accomplish what I did.   You can see some of my meals for the week here. I generally eat paleo style anyway. So, I am used to clean eating. (Did you know that the 21 Day Fix extreme and original version are based on clean eating?…they are!) But, I really go overboard on portions. This really helped to keep me in check. That yellow carbs container was an eye opener. My carbs are usually in the form of potatoes. And let’s just say prior to this I was no where close to eating the amount that I should be.   I also know that I have several “trigger” foods (sweets, treats and even potatoes). Basically  if I have them around, I eat waaaaaay too much of them. I had a lot better success this round because I just did not keep them around. It was a lot easier for me.

21 Day Fix Extreme Results (weight loss!)

Now for the big 21 Day Fix Extreme results. I lost 7 lbs in 21 days and I am crazy excited about it. What that number 7 does not tell you is that these are my stubborn pounds. I have been going back and forth and struggling with this last 15 lbs for quite some time. It has been awesome to see these pounds go away. These are pounds that I have gone to great lengths to try to lose in the past. This time, I followed the plan and actually exercised less (imagine that). I have to say, I was not unhappy. I did not feel deprived. I did not feel like I was starving. Physically I was satisfied.  I mostly had to adjust mentally to be honest. I had to teach myself to stop eating and use portion control. (Which is the point of this program)

21 Day Fix Extreme Results


Overall, I am super impressed with this program. I am getting ready to start round 2 tomorrow. And I think I will be incorporating some of Autumn’s countdown to competition plan (eating she follows right before a competition).  We shall see how that goes!

How about you?  Would you like to have your own 21 Day Fix Extreme Results?

Feel free to join us on the 21 Day Fix journey (whether you are interested in the original version or the extreme). I am more than willing to help provide you support and motivation along the way.  Feel free to contact me through this website and click below.

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