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Eat Clean Meal Plan 5

My personal meal plans are in the process of evolving along with me. So, you may see tweaks and changes each week as I continue to experiment.

But as always I will be following my usual guidelines for meal planning.

Must be easy.

Must not use a bunch of crazy ingredients.

Must not make me want to throw all of my pots and pans through the window when meal prep is over.

You know, those things that keep me from absolutely loosing it.

I have gotten in over my head with some meal plans where I absolutely feel the need to break something after. It’s really not pretty. So, knowing what I know…I generally keep my own meal plans in check. I have a few MAIN recipes and the rest I sort of keep the same.

Less work in the kitchen equals a happier Jenn. I am already in there way too much as is.

Eat clean meal plan 5

Eat Clean Meal Plan 5

Eat clean meal plan 5


Fiesta Lime Chicken


Zuppa Toscana Soup


Chicken Enchilada Chili

Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

Enjoy! I know I did. A few things were changed along the way, but overall it was a good week!


Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may earn a small commission (at no expense to you). Thank you so much, this is how I keep my blog up and running. 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Non Scale Victories

It is so hard to realize that not all progress and improvements have to include a number on the scale. I have had to work very hard the last few years to remember that there are endless other victories that we should be celebrating along our health journey. And you know what? I’m a lot more at peace with things now than I used to be. I’m always working toward improving, and I don’t mean that losing weight doesn’t have its place somewhere in my goals. It is just not my central focus.  And yes, I make mistakes and have slip ups! But, I have changed my focus into using them as learning experiences.  I have finally realized that life is too short to be constantly beating myself up over things.

non scale victories

I have chosen my next program to finish and I’m going to do it no matter what!

Have you ever heard the saying “non scale victories”? That’s what I’m talking about here. These can be specific accomplishments that happen as a result of working toward your goal. Things you couldn’t do before. Setting a goal to stick with something and doing it. And think outside the box with this. It doesn’t just have to be an accomplishment like running a 5k, it can be a feeling. What about realizing that with your healthy lifestyle you are sleeping better? Or what about less headaches? That’s a big deal!!  Don’t discount anything that is getting better during your journey.

Non Scale Victories …. Something to think about


-plank/squat challenge

-no fast food challenge

-complete a workout program

-make it one full day with your healthy lifestyle…then another

-couch to 5k or a faster 5k

-use less modifications as your program progesses

-push-ups from your toes

-exercise 3 times a week

-having some favorite clothes fit

-sleeping better

-less headaches

-more energy

-better lab tests…lower cholesterol

-drink more water

See what I mean? It can be ANYTHING.  It’s just YOU improved (even if it’s just a tiny bit).  I think you will be amazed at how much looking at things from this perspective can change your attitude toward focusing on the positive.  I feel like the big deal with several non scale victories is that they can be things you CAN CONTROL.  You may not be able to control how many pounds you lose but you can control the fact that you choose to press play according to your workout schedule.

non scale victory

I told myself I would drink more water…I’m bringing it everywhere I go!

One of my favorite non scale victories is to choose a workout program and actually finish it. Trust me, I have some that are collecting dust in my house. But when I make the decision to finish one from start to the very end…that’s a victory whether I lose pounds or not. Think about it….I chose to stay consistent and press play despite any obstacles along the way. That’s 60 days of pressing play when I was tired, when I was not motivated, when it was the last thing I wanted to do. That’s exciting!

non scale victory

This was a GREAT day!!

The best part is that you are competing with no one but yourself. This is about YOU and improving YOURSELF. Not measuring yourself against someone else. What can you do that you never had before? What if that is to make it one day without a soda?  Well that would be awesome for someone that has wanted to kick the habit. That’s one whole day 😊.  So, sit down and think about what HAS changed during your health journey. But don’t stop there, make a specific list of things you plan to achieve next. We keep on keepin on during this journey and that’s the most important part!

You pick what YOU want to work on 😊

Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. Thank you so much! It’s how I keep this blog up and running 😊

Jenn Fehrenbacher

How to Create a Home Gym on a Budget

This post is for the people out there like me. The people that don’t have a gym membership, that don’t have the space for a dedicated home gym. The real people out there with kids and lives who want to get healthy but are limited on resources and time.

I have a dream of having a room someday dedicated to my home gym, but until that day arrives…I have made it work in my house. And by that I mean…sometimes in my living room, sometimes in my basement, and sometimes squished in the corner of my room. Amazing how kids can take up an entire house!

Although not perfect, I am here to show you how I have been able to set up my own version of a home gym in stages that works for me and my family with a budget in mind. I started off on a very small scale and have gradually increased from there. (Santa did bring me a set of 25 lb Dumbbells for Chirstmas this year!) And guys…my limitations have not hindered my results. I have lost 70lbs entirely from exercising in my own home despite obstacles (kids being a major obstacle). You can do it too!

Weight transformation

How to Create A Home Gym on a Budget

1.) Beachbody Home Workouts: This is what I started with years ago. I knew I needed some guidance and some specific help with where to start with my exercising. My first program was actually Turbofire…and it was wonderful!  I loved the fact that I did not need any equipment other than an occasional resistance band to complete this workout. As long as I pressed play, my workout was set up for me and I didn’t have to think.  This required very minimal space.

As the years have passed, I have branched out with my programs from the company and have since purchased additional items for my home gym. I have just purchased pieces as I need them. You could easily stop here and get great results!  Insanity Max :30, one of my all time favorites..,requires no equipment. Body weight only.

2.) Cap Iron Dumbells:  They have been affordable and I bought my first set (10 lbs) at the end of high school.  They are super old and still holding up.  I have gradually increased the weights that I use and have purchased them as I need them over a several year time period.

3.) Kettlebells:  There is something really simple about having a Kettlebells and the great workout you can get from them. One piece of equipment can be cardio and strength all in one. I have purchased these just like my Dumbells. I started out with one size and have gradually increased as needed. This way the up front cost is much more manageable.

4.) Yoga Mat: pretty simple one here. But, I use this for PiYo as well as to help catch sweat during a tough workout. Just make sure to clean it off!

5.) Resistance Bands: I have been very pleased with bands I have purchased through Beachbody  (I have had other cheaper versions snap while using them and it hurts!)

6.) Cap Barbell Utility Bench: This was one of my most recent additions (to the back corner of my basement).  I can’t believe it has taken me this long to invest in one of these.  My training has definitely switched from running only to adding in more strength…and I am loving the results it has helped me achieve!

7.)  Floor Mat: I did invest in a puzzle style foam floor mat for use under my barbell bench.

Sivan Health and Fitness® Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles (Black)

On My Wish List: My future additions to the home gym

8.) Fitbit Surge: I can’t wait to add this one to the home gym routine. I really feel like I can have a tendency to get complacent with workouts. I want a method to do some tracking with heart rate and calories to make sure I am doing what I think I am doing. I’m saving up for this one because I want the bigger screen!

***Update: I finally purchased this item and I LOVE it!! It has been very user friendly and I specifically like the large screen and the ability to see my heart rate, time and calories burned together right on the screen during a workout rather than pressing buttons or checking the app on my phone.

There you have it!  I have listed exactly what I use or intend to use (in the case of the Fitbit). This is the majority of what I use in my home gym these days. And as you can see…most of it does not take up much space.  I store almost all of my items under the stairs in my basement. I switch rooms for my workouts as needed and at the end of the day….I just make it work with the equipment I have!  I hope this helps get you started on getting a home workout space for yourself within your own budget. Because really, you don’t necessarily need everything all at once!


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where I earn a small commission should you purchase through my site. I use this to help keep my blog up and running! 😊 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Exactly How to Start a Blog

I decided if someone like me could actually create and run a blog completely on my own, then I would pass on the information about how to start a blog to others wanting to do the same. Let me explain the “someone like me” comment. I have no technology background whatsoever and I only have an iPad. Hard to believe, right? And that’s my proof that you can do this too!

What I do have is tons of information going through my head that I wanted to share 😊. Tips and ideas that I have discovered along our family journey that I wanted to put in one place. I had the content, I just had to figure out how to get the blog put together.

I am going to outline exactly what I did. Feel free to use my information and I hope it helps you!  If I can do this…you can too!  I set this up completely by what I learned and researched online.

How to start a blog

WordPress Self Hosted Blog: everything I kept reading from bloggers made me decide that WordPress.org was the way to go especially as far as being user friendly.  I also chose to have a self hosted blog…meaning I do pay for it (it wasn’t free, but it also is very affordable).  I chose self hosted because I decided if I was going to start blogging…then I was going to go for it, for real.  Self Hosting allows you the most control over your own blog.

Bonus about WordPress: I have taught myself to do everything on my blog by searching WordPress archives.  If I have something I want to learn how to do, I just google “how do I …….. on my WordPress blog” and I get immediate results from the forums.  That’s easy!

Bluehost: Because I self hosted, I needed a place in the Internet for my blog to take up some space.  Basically you pay for a space, and upload your wordpress info.  Again I chose Bluehost because that was what many of the bloggers were recommending.  I chose to trust them because obviously they were users who honestly liked the product.

Here is what I have learned about Bluehost (my blog has been up and running since 7/2014)

  • it is very user friendly: (and this is coming from someone who knows nothing), I have been able to figure everything out that I have needed so far completely on my own
  • support: I have also used this service from Bluehost. Awesome. I specifically remember using their “live chat” option in the middle of the night and they helped me resolve the issue immediately.
  • affordable: I have been happy here as well. It has been very affordable especially considering everything I receive and how happy I have been with the service (like 3.95-5.95 monthly). I honestly couldn’t justify spending tons of money on something that started out as a hobby, so this was a great fit.

Disclosure: I am a  Bluehost affiliate meaning that I earn a commission through referrals from this site.  I chose to be an affiliate because of how happy I have been with this service and I wanted to help others do the same. I use this to offset the costs of running my blog.

How to start a blog

Exactly How To Start a Blog

1.) Bluehost: click here to be sent directly to Bluehost and click “get started now”

2.) “select your plan” I honestly chose the most basic…It has been great!

How to start a blog

3.) Sign up now: type in your domain name and click “next”

–I started off by purchasing my own name with .com behind it, I wanted my name to be connected to my blog as my first option

–later, I added another domain (girlhomefitness) that I link to the exact same spot.  This way people can type either and be directed to the same place (my blog).  I just thought this was easier to spell

How to start a blog

4.) Sign up…Congratualtions! Page, this is where you fill out your account information, choose package options, and pay attention here…there is a drop down box that gives you the option to pay for 36, 24, or 12 months in advance, pick what works for you. The monthly rate is less for the 3 year option. By the way, I unchecked boxes in this section for upgrades. Then add payment information.

Then click “next”

How to start a blog


How to start a blog

The one box I would leave checked is the domain privacy protections

5.) Again, I skipped several upgrades, and the process should be “complete” and you will see “welcome to Bluehost”

6.) Create your password, and I used the password generator to make it tricky

7.) “I confirm that I have read and agreed to the terms of service” “create”

8.) Log in to Bluehost and skip to the Control Panel to install WordPress (I did it myself)

How to Install WordPress

1.) Scroll down and click “install WordPress” WordPress is your actual blog software, Bluehost is the space it rents.

2.) this will take you to a new screen, click “install” and select your domain

3.) “You’re almost there”

4.) “show advanced options” type in username and password

–check “automatically create a new database for this installation”

–check “I have read the terms…”

5.) “Install Now”

6.) Now go to “view credentials” and write down





How to Log in to your Blog and make a Post

1.) Either use your admin URL and type in your username and password or you can go straight to your blog URL and scroll down to “log in”

2.) You will be in what is called your “Dashboard”

3.) Click the “+ new” icon at the top of the screen and you are ready to start typing.

4.) clicking “add media” allows you to add pictures

5.) create a link: high light the text you want to link somewhere else and then click the little chain icon in the toolbar.  Type in or copy and paste the destination you want that spot to take you to. (The words should turn blue)

How to start a blog

Make Your Blog Pretty

There are several ways to do this through WordPress (by using themes)…but again I took the simple route. I went on Etsy.com and typed “WordPress Blog Themes” in the search space.  This brought up several pre-made themes to choose from.  I picked one I liked, researched all of the reviews and purchased it. Super affordable…and the seller was great.  She set it all up for me and was even kind enough to answer several newbie questions for me.

Some Features and Plugins I use

Yoast Seo: this one has been wonderful, it helps improve SEO for each of your posts if you follow the easy instructions

Limit Login Attempts: just for some added security

Jetpack: there are several things you can choose to have this plugin do like show site stats

Akismet: this helps to block spam (worth it)

vCita: this is the little pop up in the bottom of my screen that makes it easier for people to contact me if they choose

Hello bar: this is at the top of my screen, this redirects to another site of mine

Vaultpress: I recently installed vaultpress and pay a minimal fee to have my blog saved at regular intervals.  I do nothing and I have something creating backups for me.  Nice peace of mind. I did not do this at first, but decided I needed to when my blog started getting more popular. Exciting!

Hope this was helpful for those mommas out there like me with information to share!  It has been such a creative and wonderful outlet for me…I wish you the best on your journey!  You can do it!




Jenn Fehrenbacher

Weight Loss Goals: Time to Get Serious

Well….my bridesmaids dress came in the mail and let’s just say things just got serious. I decided it was time to face the facts and own up to the decisions and indulgences I made during the holidays. (I was sort of pretending like it didn’t happen).

I have kind of just been floating along in a comfort zone. Most of my clothes fit, for the most part I’m comfortable…BUT if I am being honest with myself, I still have work to do. And this is the part that is hard. That final bit where it will take some serious work and willpower to make the changes that I truly want to make in my life. It was glaringly (is that a word?) obvious when I tried my dress on. That poor zipper is having to work waaaaay to hard for the amount of dancing I plan to do at this wedding. 👰

21 day fix

I had hoped I could be a person that did not have to keep constant track of things like weight…but apparently I am not. I faced the scale on the same day…hey if I’m going for it, I might as well jump in full force, right?  I decided that now is the time to truly FOCUS. I have my 21 Day Fix containers out again because I know they work. And I plan to do the Countdown to Competition plan because if I’m going for it….IM GOING FOR IT. Go big or go home over here.


I think so much of this is about attitude and decisions. And my mind is there. I emptied the house of temptation (sorry husband!) and I am ready to go. How about you?  Is it time that you buckled down and decided to make the changes you need to make in your life?  Do it with me!! My next official 21 Day Fix group starts soon and I can’t wait!! My group right now lost over 14 lbs in their first week!!  So so exciting!!

Its time that is set specific weight loss goals.  I need some measurable things to work for.  It’s me against me and I think this will really help me focus if I have some specific milestones I can work toward checking off and achieving. I’m going to make my list now and post it on my fridge.

21 day fix


We can do this and NOW is the time. Let’s get healthy and crush those goals before summer gets here!  Contact me about joining my next short group and we will get there together!

New Year's Resolutions

Jenn Fehrenbacher

You Win Kids, but Score 1 For Mom

Do you find yourself super busy? It’s funny how I thought I was so working before I had kids and then soooo busy when my first child was a baby and then as I had more and they have gotten a bit older I have realized that it just keeps getting worse!  Not in a bad way…there is just always something I’m supposed to be doing. School pickup, cleaning my house (ok..I rarely get to that part, more like house damage control with picking up the endless messes), cooking, changing diapers…it never stops.


Honestly having children has been a major eye opener to the fact that my life sort of belongs to them. Which is cool, but it has really taken some time to get used to the fact that I can’t just do what I want all of the time. No more signing up for any races possible just because I want a free shirt or going to the gym and doing whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it before or after work and on the weekends. It’s just different. I have an issue with having a major all or nothing attitude. Like I do things over and above or not at all.


Somewhere along this family journey, I realized that way of thinking was never going to cut it. Because kids throw in that major piece of uncontrolled circumstances. Like trying to get ready on time and walking out the door and someone throws up everywhere. I swear we start out on time!  Finally I have come to the realization that something is better than nothing and that I might as well smile instead of getting frustrated (because really getting mad gets me nowhere).

Insanity max 30

And in the quest for something is better than nothing…I stumbled onto Insanity Max :30 and fell in love. It is 30 minutes of sweaty all out awesome!  And that’s what I want!  I don’t have much time, so the workout better be super hard and worth it. I love getting my frustrations out with a really hard workout. It works wonders!  So whether I make it through the whole thing on one try or have to press pause like 4 times (seems like everyone always needs help during the workout for some reason)…I get it done. And that’s way better than not even attempting.

Insanity Max :30 How it works

With Max :30, you compete against yourself basically. Your max out time is that first moment where you have to take a breather or a rest break. I’m not going to lie..it happens during the warmup sometimes (sure I’ll change your diaper now little buddy…Shaun T it’s not my fault! He needed me!). But, you are not off the hook. You record that time and jump right back in. Your goal is to try to beat YOUR time the next time. I love the fact that it’s challenging and I’m super sweaty after. It is such a great feeling of accomplishment. I completed my official Day 9 this morning because like I said with the all or nothing mentality…I decided to be accountable for my progress on Instagram (girl_home_fitness) and I’m telling you I’m completing this no matter what!

21 day fix

What about all of you busy people out there?  Don’t you just love a really tough workout that makes you feel like you did something awesome!  This is it!  I totally recommend it and suggest you try it!  I’m completing these workouts in conjunction with the 21 Day Fix Countdown to Competition eating plan (which is basically Paleo…also a personal fave). If this sounds like something you would love or something you love/hate and want to try, send me a message!  Let’s do it together and accomplish great things!!

Beachbody sales

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Holiday Weight Loss

Healthy FOR the Holidays..crazy idea, right!? But I’m sitting here thinking we still have time for 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix this year.  What if we went in to Thanksgiving and Christmas with a plan?  What about starting next year ahead of the game?  Wouldn’t that be something to be proud of?

I know in the past I have basically made it to Christmas feeling like junk  because of all of the food (and cookies) I have been eating prior to that point.  I think it is time for me to commit to make a change and I encourage you to do the same!  I’m not saying don’t live a little and indulge a little.  But, let’s be smart about it this holiday season.  I think it will be amazing how much better we will feel..inside and out!

21 day fix

Healthy for the Holidays: Holiday Weight Loss The Game Plan

1.) Commit to making the change: decide that you are going to be different this year

2.) What are your goals? Think about it, what do you want to accomplish?  It’s up to you!

weight loss, maintenance, exercise, clean eating, drinking water

3.) Make your rules: we all know that the holidays make things tough.  So, decide right now what your rules will be.  Are you going for 100% perfect? 80/20? Treats in moderation? Treats on the actual holiday only? Healthier versions of recipes? Where are you going to,put your foot down and say no?

4.) Get help!  Don’t do this alone: And that is where I come…I’m doing the same thing and I will help you get through it!  I will be running support groups revolving specifically around the 21 Day Fix clean eating program.

What you get: full nutrition program, portion control containers, daily :30 minute workouts, Shakeology as a great healthy replacement for one meal  BUT….you also get me 😊  I will help get you ready and support you through this.  I will help with meal prepping tips and meal planning, recipes and motivation.  Trust me, it’s much better doing this with other people!

21 day fix

I am so excited about the gifts I’m giving away to my next 5 people who commit to change with with the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack. This program works…I’ve seen the proof over and over again. You can not beat this!  The challenge packs are on sale for November AND I’m giving away a gift. So exciting!!

So, contact me and let’s get started!!

21 day fix extreme

Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Sample

I have been meal planning like crazy these last few weeks!  I set a goal to get three weeks worth of meal plans completed for all calorie ranges in my 21 Day Fix groups and I just saved the final one. And let me just say…that was time consuming.

Have you noticed that about cleaning eating in general? There is just more time and effort involved. And, I don’t feel like there really is any sugar coating it. But, you do get used to it and you do find tips and tricks for making things go faster (have a Mealprep day!!)  And, quite honestly feeling better and being able to zip my jeans make it worth the effort.

Are you looking to make some major changes?  Like losing weight, getting healthy, gaining strength, feeling better, fixing your nutrtion….the list can go on and on.  Don’t those sound good? Guess what?!  There is a way to have a lot of the busy work completed for you. Make the decision to commit to changing your life and join my upcoming 21 Day Fix support group.

The 21 Day Fix challenge pack is the special promotion for October 2015!!!!  This means that for 4.66 per day, you get everything listed below  pretty exciting!

The 21 Day fix program includes:

✅full nutrtion plan

✅portion controlled containers

✅7 days of :30 minute workouts

✅one full meal replaced daily with nutrient dense Shakeology

So basically what to do to make major changes is lined out for you. But, what about the extras?  As your coach, I get to provide the tools to make this as simple as possible!  The stuff not lined out in the book that helps you to success.

As your coach, I provide:

✅daily tips, motivation, support

✅a support group to lean on, all make the same changes


✅any and all of my cheat sheets!!! This is the BIG ONE!

**3 weeks of meal plans!! (We can tailor these to meet your needs)

**daily container tracking sheet

**accountability calendar

**meal planning help for the future

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Sample



21 day fix meal plan

This is a sample of a one week meal plan that I have created using the 21 Day Fix.  Do you see now how much time I can be saving you?  Use it!  So seriously all that is left is for you to make the decision to GO FOR IT!  What do you have to lose?  Fill out the application below to become a member in my next 21 Day Fix support group.  30 days from now, you will wish you had!


21 days to change your life


Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Days to Change Your Life

21 Days to CHANGE your life. Really, you could make major life changes in just 3 short weeks. Do any of these sound good to you?

-Lose weight

-Incorporate exercise

-FEEL better

-Break bad habits

-Create NEW habits

start getting good nutrition 

21 days to change your life

Start creating a healthier version of you. It is time to invest in yourself and in YOUR health. It seems like these days all of us are too busy. Whether it’s work, kids, family, caring for others…whatever. We all have a lot going on and it seems like we personally get lost in the shuffle with little time to actually take care of ourselves. It is time to make the decision to focus on ourselves.  What if I told you that I have done most of the busy work for you and that I can guide you to 21 days of major changes with minimal time and effort on your part?  Wouldn’t that be pretty great if almost everything is laid out for you.  You just “show up.”

The 21 Day Fix programs are wonderful for people like you and me. People that want to feel better but are short on time. I am soooo excited about my upcoming 21 Day Fix support group. Let me lay it out for you. Your complete 21 Day package comes with an entire nutrition system based on portion control containers. No calorie counting. You fill up your container with the corresponding food and that is your portion. It also comes with a complete fitness program. Daily :30 minute workouts ranging from cardio to upper body to Pilates to strength training. YES, you can get a great workout in :30 minutes. You will love your results. We can find a way to squeeze in :30 minutes.

21 day fix help

We will talk about your goals and your struggles. We find a way to make this work for you.

How does this work and what do you get from me?

I run monthly online accountability and support groups revolving specifically around the 21 Day Fix programs. I have over a years worth of experience completing this program myself and helping others do the same. I like to keep my groups small (around 5 people) so that no one slips through the cracks. And you get me…daily. I’m there to help you prepare and I’m there to help you through each of the 21 days. But, I will also help you after…as long as it takes. I have tons of resources that I would love to share with you as your coach.  I have created a 21 Day Fix cheat sheet for quick food references and check offs and I am so excited to start offering meal plans and meal planning help.  Can’t wait to share that one!

21 day fix cheat sheet

support and motivation


-meal plans

-accountability calendar

-cheat sheets


So the question is, are you serious?  Are you ready to make some major changes?  It takes 21 days to break habits and create new. Just imagine where you could be in just three weeks….stuck where you are now or well on your way to bigger and better things.

Fill this Application out below for no strings attached information on my upcoming support group. I would love to learn about you and your goals!  I will be in touch shortly. Until then, feel free to check out my free 21 Day Fix help page.

21 days to change your life

Jenn Fehrenbacher