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How to Start a Turbo Kick Live Class

I have quite a love for all things Turbofire.  It was just a few short years ago when I was at my absolute heaviest and my third child had just been born as well.  I remember feeling stuck in my house and sort of trapped.  Up until this point in my life I had just always run (ok slowly jog) for exercise.  But it was getting increasingly more difficult due to my growing family (really hard to push three kids on a double jogger especially without running over any  of them).

Anyway I stumbled upon Turbofire and fell in LOVE.  Finally a program that made it Ok for me to complete at home, with my kids and get a great workout.  And for any others out there who start singing or dancing or immediately get in a good mood when their songs come on the radio…you must try Turbo. If nothing else the moving and the music makes everything ok with whatever may be going on in my life and crazy house.

And that leads me straight into Turbokick…love at first sight.  Turbokick is the live version of Turbofire.  If you found this blog post in search of how to start your classes….you know.  You get it.  It’s like happy, high intensity, sweat, strength, fun and friends all rolled into one. Really.  Have you thought about attending a class? Do it.  Have you thought about becoming Turbokick certified? Do it.


And I’m here to say…do it YOUR way.  I have set my Turbo kick classes up in a way that works for me, my family and my class.  We do what works for us for this time in our lives.  My class started in my garage and most classes continue there to this day.  I have a great group of ladies that live in the area who join my weekly and I can’t even express how much they mean to me.  They were looking for a workout, I was looking for workout friends! We take each week as it comes…from 0 degree weather to triple digits (this is southern Indiana and we have to just work it out and have an open mind 😊💦💦☀️❄️).  But one thing I can say is that we are consistent. We have each other to stay accountable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How to Start a Turbokcik Live Class

So let’s talk about getting your class started.  I use the same equipment whether I am in my garage with my kids spraying us with squirt guns or at the gym.  And I teach the same way both places too.


1.) IPod: I did purchase an iPod that I designated for Turbokick or live classes only. I keep it in a hard sided zipper lunchbox along with any power cords, business/punch cards, pens or Turbokick CDs (just in case!)  It has been great to have a dedicated ipod because I don’t lose it!

2.) Sharkk Speaker: this was my first speaker for the garage and it has been great.  It is very small and fits in my Turbokick lunchbox as well.  It is also loud enough for a room.  This connects easily via Bluetooth to my iPod.  I use this one when I am practicing in my house also.

3.) Ion Explorer Speaker: LOVE the big dog too. I have transitioned to using this one more often especially now that we are outside at my house during the summer.  I bring this one to the gym I teach at as well. This one is so easy to use and the Bluetooth connects easily.  Love the sound quality and volume .

4.) Samson Airline 77: and this microphone is on my wishlist. I don’t need a microphone at home and have not used one yet at the gym.  But, I can see where the time is coming especially with my growing class to invest in one for the gym.  I’m saving for it now! This is the microphone that they recommended at my certification as well as in any Turbokick instructor groups I am in. So, I’m going with what they say!

How to Learn a New Round

When I first got certified, the instructor said she went home and practiced for 2 weeks straight.  She was a professional and I thought if she needs to practice that much, then I better go home and do the same darn thing.  And so for two straight weeks before my first class, I practiced Round 65 until I knew it forwards and backwards.

Here is how I specifically learn them now and how I do it quickly.  I promise, it gets much easier!

1.) I get the new round (best mail day ever!) and I get out the notes.  I re-write the notes really big on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in a way that makes sense to me.  And I break it down into the sections so that they are easily visible. I put them in clear sheet protectors and bring them to class! (They are my safet net in case I draw a blank)


2.) I practice the new round at least twice right along with the master trainers on the instructional DVD


There is my easel I use while I practice a new round!

3.) I sit down with my notes and music and watch the Turbo section to get it down with all of the cues and music changes.  It goes fast and I want to make sure I have my moves hitting the music cues.  I write notes to myself like “whistle” “hey” “whip” or whatever the sound effects sound like to me and what move they start on.

4.) Next I memorize…I bring the sheets in my car with the music CD and I memorize as I drive.  I start with the Punches section and go over  the moves over and over til I get them in my head. Then I switch to the next song and continue in the same manner until the end. (**please be SAFE if you are doing this in the car, I go thru all of it in my mind.  The notes are only there for waiting until I am parked.  I’m accepting no responsibility for those driving and looking at their notes because I did not say to do that)

5.) Speed up the process: I have gotten way more comfortable with teaching as time has gone on.  I go through these steps and now I start rounds almost right away.  I just bring my notes and re-read each section during the HIIT break from the section before.

How I Teach a New Round

I have made it a personal goal to get my class a good workout BUT I never want them leaving frustrated or confused. I know what it feels like to feel lost and never come back. And that is not what I am going for. I want them comfortable mentally.

We use each round of music and moves for 6 weeks. The first few weeks I spend a lot of time talking and explaining. I talk about everything we are getting ready to do and I have found that it really helps them if I count down how many moves until we start the next move or layer. Usually I start at 4, 3, 2, and then during the last time doing that move I start to cue for the next move instead of saying “1”.  And then honestly for the first few weeks, we usually only do 2 layers for each section. Everyone will get there own teaching style…seems like I am talking the whole time about what we are doing (jab cross jab knee, right left right knee and so on). We work on mastering those and getting comfortable. But also repeating them longing enough so that the class can really put a lot of oomph in them. That way they don’t feel like they are “learning” and awkward the whole time. As the weeks go on, I introduce new layers and we get really good at it. By the last few weeks we are pros and ready to move on to the next.  It’s exciting!

***new to class or a tricky move: I will keep the music going but slow down and really exaggerate a move the first few times we do it and then talk them through speeding up.

My class is sporty because that’s how I tend to be. Trust me…they all start cracking up any time the move “brush your shoulders” is included. I look like a goober when I try to make it funky. So we go sporty!

What about making mistakes? We all make them! It happens and by the end of the 6 weeks…my class can help me if my mind happens to wander. Did you know one of the main reasons I talk so much and count down is to keep myself on track? Yep that’s why 😂😂 It’s all good. We just go on!

The point is YOU DO YOU and pay attention to what is working for your class!  Good luck on your Turbokick journey!!


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them I may receive a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running, thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Exactly How to Start a Blog

I decided if someone like me could actually create and run a blog completely on my own, then I would pass on the information about how to start a blog to others wanting to do the same. Let me explain the “someone like me” comment. I have no technology background whatsoever and I only have an iPad. Hard to believe, right? And that’s my proof that you can do this too!

What I do have is tons of information going through my head that I wanted to share 😊. Tips and ideas that I have discovered along our family journey that I wanted to put in one place. I had the content, I just had to figure out how to get the blog put together.

I am going to outline exactly what I did. Feel free to use my information and I hope it helps you!  If I can do this…you can too!  I set this up completely by what I learned and researched online.

How to start a blog

WordPress Self Hosted Blog: everything I kept reading from bloggers made me decide that WordPress.org was the way to go especially as far as being user friendly.  I also chose to have a self hosted blog…meaning I do pay for it (it wasn’t free, but it also is very affordable).  I chose self hosted because I decided if I was going to start blogging…then I was going to go for it, for real.  Self Hosting allows you the most control over your own blog.

Bonus about WordPress: I have taught myself to do everything on my blog by searching WordPress archives.  If I have something I want to learn how to do, I just google “how do I …….. on my WordPress blog” and I get immediate results from the forums.  That’s easy!

Bluehost: Because I self hosted, I needed a place in the Internet for my blog to take up some space.  Basically you pay for a space, and upload your wordpress info.  Again I chose Bluehost because that was what many of the bloggers were recommending.  I chose to trust them because obviously they were users who honestly liked the product.

Here is what I have learned about Bluehost (my blog has been up and running since 7/2014)

  • it is very user friendly: (and this is coming from someone who knows nothing), I have been able to figure everything out that I have needed so far completely on my own
  • support: I have also used this service from Bluehost. Awesome. I specifically remember using their “live chat” option in the middle of the night and they helped me resolve the issue immediately.
  • affordable: I have been happy here as well. It has been very affordable especially considering everything I receive and how happy I have been with the service (like 3.95-5.95 monthly). I honestly couldn’t justify spending tons of money on something that started out as a hobby, so this was a great fit.

Disclosure: I am a  Bluehost affiliate meaning that I earn a commission through referrals from this site.  I chose to be an affiliate because of how happy I have been with this service and I wanted to help others do the same. I use this to offset the costs of running my blog.

How to start a blog

Exactly How To Start a Blog

1.) Bluehost: click here to be sent directly to Bluehost and click “get started now”

2.) “select your plan” I honestly chose the most basic…It has been great!

How to start a blog

3.) Sign up now: type in your domain name and click “next”

–I started off by purchasing my own name with .com behind it, I wanted my name to be connected to my blog as my first option

–later, I added another domain (girlhomefitness) that I link to the exact same spot.  This way people can type either and be directed to the same place (my blog).  I just thought this was easier to spell

How to start a blog

4.) Sign up…Congratualtions! Page, this is where you fill out your account information, choose package options, and pay attention here…there is a drop down box that gives you the option to pay for 36, 24, or 12 months in advance, pick what works for you. The monthly rate is less for the 3 year option. By the way, I unchecked boxes in this section for upgrades. Then add payment information.

Then click “next”

How to start a blog


How to start a blog

The one box I would leave checked is the domain privacy protections

5.) Again, I skipped several upgrades, and the process should be “complete” and you will see “welcome to Bluehost”

6.) Create your password, and I used the password generator to make it tricky

7.) “I confirm that I have read and agreed to the terms of service” “create”

8.) Log in to Bluehost and skip to the Control Panel to install WordPress (I did it myself)

How to Install WordPress

1.) Scroll down and click “install WordPress” WordPress is your actual blog software, Bluehost is the space it rents.

2.) this will take you to a new screen, click “install” and select your domain

3.) “You’re almost there”

4.) “show advanced options” type in username and password

–check “automatically create a new database for this installation”

–check “I have read the terms…”

5.) “Install Now”

6.) Now go to “view credentials” and write down





How to Log in to your Blog and make a Post

1.) Either use your admin URL and type in your username and password or you can go straight to your blog URL and scroll down to “log in”

2.) You will be in what is called your “Dashboard”

3.) Click the “+ new” icon at the top of the screen and you are ready to start typing.

4.) clicking “add media” allows you to add pictures

5.) create a link: high light the text you want to link somewhere else and then click the little chain icon in the toolbar.  Type in or copy and paste the destination you want that spot to take you to. (The words should turn blue)

How to start a blog

Make Your Blog Pretty

There are several ways to do this through WordPress (by using themes)…but again I took the simple route. I went on Etsy.com and typed “WordPress Blog Themes” in the search space.  This brought up several pre-made themes to choose from.  I picked one I liked, researched all of the reviews and purchased it. Super affordable…and the seller was great.  She set it all up for me and was even kind enough to answer several newbie questions for me.

Some Features and Plugins I use

Yoast Seo: this one has been wonderful, it helps improve SEO for each of your posts if you follow the easy instructions

Limit Login Attempts: just for some added security

Jetpack: there are several things you can choose to have this plugin do like show site stats

Akismet: this helps to block spam (worth it)

vCita: this is the little pop up in the bottom of my screen that makes it easier for people to contact me if they choose

Hello bar: this is at the top of my screen, this redirects to another site of mine

Vaultpress: I recently installed vaultpress and pay a minimal fee to have my blog saved at regular intervals.  I do nothing and I have something creating backups for me.  Nice peace of mind. I did not do this at first, but decided I needed to when my blog started getting more popular. Exciting!

Hope this was helpful for those mommas out there like me with information to share!  It has been such a creative and wonderful outlet for me…I wish you the best on your journey!  You can do it!




Jenn Fehrenbacher

Give up Sugar in less than one week

Here it is two days after Christmas and I have been doing a lot of thinking. This has been an eye opening December for me with what I can handle as far as self control goes and what I can’t. And, unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that I am not “normal.”

Ok, I already knew that lol. But, what I mean by normal is a person that can basically stay on track and then during a holiday season indulge in moderation instead of having an all out “I have to eat as much as I can because I will never get to eat this again!!” Yes, those thoughts go through my head. It’s crazy! Why not indulge in moderation and actually take the time to enjoy what I’m eating?  Pay attention to the bites instead of mindlessly eating enough to make myself sick. It’s a vicious cycle….make the poor choices, feel regret, swear I’m never going to do it again (I’m going to start over tomorrow), and then get tempted again during “tomorrow.”

The background is that I had been sugar free since August 7 of this year. I was feeling great, getting my workouts in and making progress. And then December rolls around and I gave in to what I thought was going to be just a small amount of treats. It turned into a 2 week problem. Trust me, a lot of damage can be done in 2 weeks. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Give up sugar

I am not beating myself up. I’m choosing to move on and move forward and take this as a learning experience. I have learned that I am just not there yet. I am not yet in a place where I can handle having unlimited cookies or chocolate in my house and be able to control myself. I have made many wonderful strides forward and I don’t want to discount any of that. I’m proud of how far I have come, but still have further to go. Until I get to that place…I just know I need to limit what I purchase and what I allow at our house. I can work with that!

Do you overindulge at times too? Want to know how exactly I get myself back on track? Now keep in mind…I am no professional. I’m just being honest.  And,  it just seems like I do have a specific set of things I do during a one week period to regroup, reset and then be able to go for it the following week. It’s amazing how much progress you can make with getting back on track in just 7 days. For each of these days, I start the day by drinking lemon water and I also exercise daily.

Give up sugar

Indulgence Recovery: Give up Sugar in less than One Week


Start each day with a glass of lemon water to help detox, drink plenty of water throughout the day and exercise

I also will be drinking Shakeology daily for many reasons, but I am saving it for my dreaded afternoon slump to combat my sugar cravings.  Seems like the afternoon is when I think about sneaking treats, so I am saving my chocolate Shakeology for when I need it most!

Day 1: no sugar

Seriously that is the only rule for this day. Stop eating treats. I do not count calories and I do not portion out my food. I just don’t eat sugar this day. And honestly, I choose to eat things that fill the sugar void. Basically I’m playing a mental game here. I know most of my sugar over indulgence revolves around mental and emotional ties…so on purpose, I will eat things that make me “happy” this day. I eat meat and vegetables, but I will add real butter to my veggies for extra flavor. I eat lots of fruit instead of a little, I may eat bites of Sunbutter, and I almost always eat popcorn. I will also eat more cheese than normal. You get the picture. They are not terrible choices, I am just doing whatever I can to get off the sugar. I do start my day with lemon water and make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well.

Day 2: no sugar 

Basically this day is exactly the same as day 1. I feel like this day is even harder because I personally get terrible headaches when my body starts detoxing from the sugar and junk. This is a hard one to get through mentally because of how I feel. So, again…I eat things that add flavor or make me “feel” good, but I don’t limit how much. I drink lemon water first thing in the morning and plenty of water the rest of the day

Day 3: no sugar, no gluten, limited dairy

Usually my headaches are subsiding by this day, so I start getting a little more strict with my Paleo and clean eating rules.  But otherwise this day is the same as the previous 2.  By limited dairy, I mean that at this point I lay off the cheese but will still eat real butter on my veggies.  My mantra for these few days is “just make it 3 days, just make it 3 days”

Day 4: no sugar, no gluten, limited dairy, no popcorn

If you can make it 3 days, I promise you things are looking up.  Day 4 is when you start feeling better and actually recovering from what you had done previously.  This is when I start getting serious with things. I feel better now, I’m back on track. Time to start making headway. And that’s why I cut out the snacks here. I do not starve myself at all, but I do cut out the limitless snacks (popcorn).

Day 5: start following 21 Day Fix portions, no sugar, no gluten, limited dairy, no popcorn

So this is the day I get things totally back to “goal oriented” mode whatever that may be.  At this point, the goal is weight loss…and that is why I bring back in my 21 Day Fix Paleo style.  I feel the best eating Paleo, but I still struggle with the fact that I tend to overeat by habit.  Hence the importance of the portion control containers (I also won’t count calories long term either, which is why the containers work nicely as I don’t have to count calories)

Day 6: move forward with 21 Day Fix portion controlled Paleo

And there you have it.  In less than one week, I have myself feeling better and headed in the right direction again no questions asked.  I just DO it.  And at this point, I am ready for it.  I have eaten like junk, and remembered that it makes me feel like junk and it is not worth it.  Sometimes I guess I just need that reminder.  My head is back in the game and I am super excited about it.  I am actually looking forward to healthy clean eating rather than feeling sorry for myself.  And attitude is everything, don’t you think?

Give up sugar

If you are someone who is looking for support…contact me.  We can do this together.  Coming from someone who knows what it is like to struggle but also what it is like to overcome.  I have been there and trust me, being healthy is worth it.  Join me by following the nutrition and exercise plan that I’m doing where everything is laid out for you.

New Year's Resolutions


Jenn Fehrenbacher

How to 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

Meal planning takes time!  But, you can make it go a little faster if you have a plan. I have a bit of a framework I use to meal plan and then I just plug in the food. Really, it’s a timesaver and that what I like!  So, I’m going to give you a step by step list of how I “21 Day Fix Meal Plan.”  Quick and easy..because all of us are busy!


How to 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

1.) Figure out your daily container allotment using your 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extrmeme booklet

2.) Schedule your containers for the day: when you know how many of each container you get daily, plan them out. It can be a loose schedule, but it is a good way to make sure you get them all in but also spread them all out (and not end up with only green containers for dinner or something)

1,500-1,799 Calorie Example

Breakfast: Red, Green, Yellow

AM Snack: Red, Purple

Lunch: Red, 1.5 Green, Yellow, Orange

PM Snack: Purple, 2tsp, Blue

Dinner: Red, 1.5 Green, Yellow

Night Snack: Purple, 2tsp

3.) Calendar or Graph: it’s nice to have something like a blank calendar to plug each of your meals into. See below:


4.) Breakfasts and Snacks: make a list of a few favorite (or easy) breakfast and snack ideas and plug those into the corresponding areas of your calendar/graph. Here are snack ideas

5.) Family Favorites: have a list of some of your family favorite meals and then plug those in to your dinners.  Check these out..here are our family favorites (they are easy!)

6.) Leftovers and Bulk Foods: you will have blank areas for lunch and maybe some dinners. This is where we don’t waste food! Fill in these areas with bulk foods you prepared on meal prep day and then use any leftovers up as well. You just fill them in according to the needed container color.

Ta dah! So then when it is time to eat, follow the plan, fill up your containers and go for it!

21 day fix meal plan


Can you rearrange things?  Of course!  This is just a great starting guide.  It gives you the main framework and then without having to do much guess work, you can rearrange as needed. You can do it!

For those out there looking to make a change, I would be happy to help. Contact me about joining my next 21 Day Fix support group (where help get you prepared, support you the entire way and help give you the tools for success!)

weight loss support

Jenn Fehrenbacher

How to use the 21 Day Fix Containers

Are you finding that you have no idea where to start with your new 21 Day Fix program? You are not alone. Making changes can be hard and can feel very overwhelming at first. And depending on what you are used to…this can be a lot of BIG changes. One of my biggest pieces of advice is just to move forward. Mistakes and all. The goal is to do this and learn to live a healthier life. But, I don’t want people giving up because of slip ups they may have along the way. That is part of the journey. Take them as a learning experience and move on. Don’t give up!

The 21 Day Fix nutrition system is centered around portion controlled clean eating. It takes the guess work out for you and TEACHES how to eat. Each food group is broken down into a color coded container. You are then allowed a certain amount of each container daily according to your caloric needs. No calorie counting! What I have found is really neat is that you do eventually learn how much of each thing you can have. You also learn how much a serving is by looking. I love that it teaches how to eat for the long term.

21 day fix help

I want to explain how I plan out my meals for the day so that I use my containers wisely. This falls straight into the way I meal plan too. Keep in mind…this is just a general framework for meal planning. There are days where I don’t end up following my plan exactly for one reason or another. I just adjust. I know what containers I have left and go from there. The reason I think it is important to at least have an idea of where you are going to use your containers is so that they are spread evenly throughout the day. You are not left with nothing to eat by night time!


Space your meals approximately 2 hours apart

Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day (also spread out)

Use all of your containers

I am going to use the 1,500 – 1,799 calorie bracket as an example for this. You can add or subtract containers depending on the bracket you fall into.

How to use the 21 Day Fix Containers

Green: 4 Purple: 3 Red: 4 Yellow: 3 Blue: 1. Orange: 1 Tsp: 4

1.) I have list of what meals I will eat that day. Then I have my list of container allotments. I fill in the blanks until all of my containers are used.

How to use the 21 day fix containers

You can break this up however you want! I just try to spread my containers out for the day. And it can be different each day. Another option is to start with your dinners and favorite meals..use the containers that you will need here and then work down with what is left.

2.) I then have a list of a handful of my favorite options for breakfasts and snacks. I really don’t branch out much here. I’m honestly just going for as easy as possible.

Breakfasts: steel cut oats, fruit, Shakeology, Greek yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs (we can’t eat eggs here because of severe allergies, but they would be a great protein option!)
Snack ideas

3.) Next, I have some set bulk foods that I prepare each week on meal prep day. I usually cook several chicken breasts and bake some of my favorite vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower). This way I always have something on hand to eat if necessary. I will plug these in to some lunch and dinner openings.

Here is some information on meal prep day.

4.). Lastly, I have a list of our favorite family recipes. These I add in for dinners throughout the week. I make crockpot meals the days that I know I will be the most busy. My advice is to check out my recipe section (link above) and also to go onto Pinterest and find some recipes that you want to try. Find some favorites. Search “21 Day Fix Chili” for example.

Drink water with each meal. I generally bake my vegetables with a bit of olive oil to use my oil. (Autumn likes to drink her oils as coconut oil by itself throughout the day)…the meal schedule I have listed above is 1 tsp short for this particular calorie allotment. You could drink 1 tsp like Autumn recommends or add it in somewhere else. Up to you!

Here is a sample of plugging foods into your daily schedule.

How to use the 21 day fix containers

Meal planner

Here are some specific examples of meal plans
Meal Plan ideas 1
Meal Plan ideas 2

In my opinion: I like to try to eat my fruit (purple) and carbs (yellow) no later than afternoon

Side Note

You may find that you are too full to eat all of your containers for the day. This can and does happen when you are eating healthy food. It generally has a lot more volume than sugar/salt/fat dense food does. So, it is more food! It’s ok, eat what you can!

Are you still hungry? Feel free to use an additional green container of vegetables.

I run monthly support groups for the 21 Day Fix! You don’t have to go on this journey alone. If you do not currently have a coach you are working with, contact me about joining my next group. (Email at jennfehrenbacher@gmail.com) If you are thinking about beginning your weight loss journey, the 21 Day Fix is a GREAT place to start. Join my challenge group for daily support and HELP during your journey.

21 day fix extreme


Jenn Fehrenbacher

Clean Eating Weekly Meal Planner

I have a loose schedule it seems like I have fallen into with meal planning. Boring for some, I’m sure. But, it is what makes clean eating work for us and it is easy! I cook in big portions and we eat a lot of leftovers. I just don’t like to fix enough for one meal only. I like to get a bigger bang for my buck. So, I’m using the same amount of time and energy but getting way more out of it. So, leftovers it is. You don’t have to just eat plain old leftovers though. Switch it up. Add different vegetables, cut grilled chicken and turn it into fajitas. You can completely change your meal with some imagination. I like to call it a leftover redo. You have cooked chicken and you need to reheat it. Why not reheat it with someone different additions?

I get most of my food prepared and even cooked on my meal prep day. I really try to consolidate as much work as possible. If it can be made in advance, I do it. I use my Foodsaver vacuum packer all of the time to save extra portions of food. Here is a plug in schedule of what we typically eat during the week and when. There are a few instances where I will actually cook the food right before we eat it and not on meal prep day. But, it is not very often and it depends on what we are eating.

Clean Eating Weekly Meal Planner

Meal planner


*items in bold were cooked that day and not necessarily on meal prep day
Sunday: I put some sort of crockpot soup together in the morning and let it cook all day (usually chili or vegetable soup)
-lunch: leftovers
-dinner: soup

Monday: This tends to be my meal prep day. This is where I get as much complete as possible. I cook chicken, vegetables, prepare fruit get Tuesdays crockpot meal ready, brown the meat for Wednesday), wash fruit, cut vegetables..basically whatever can be completed in advance.
-lunch: this day is usually fresh chicken and vegetables that I just finished during my meal prep.

-dinner: some type of freezer meat that I had prepared in bulk previously and vacuum packed (usually pork or turkey or whatever I find in there really) + vegetables

Tuesday: I get the crockpot meal I prepared out of he fridge and turn it on to cook all day.
-Lunch: crockpot soup leftovers
-dinner: crockpot meal + veg

-Lunch: leftovers from Monday
-dinner: family favorite (unstuffed cabbage, spaghetti, tacos) I cook this meat on meal prep day and sometimes even cook the whole meal on that day as well

-lunch: leftovers from Tuesday night
-dinner: variation of chic + veg (leftover redo)

-lunch: leftovers from Wednesday night
-dinner: grilled meat (steak) + veg
* I always fill the grill up with extra. If we are grilling steak for dinner, I will add chicken or hamburgers at the same time

-lunch: leftovers choice
-dinner: grilled meat (steak, chicken, hamburger) + veg


Jenn Fehrenbacher

How To Cut a Pepper (Fast and Easy)

It’s no secret I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Eating clean and eating at home does require extra work and time. But, I do find that it is possible to get better at it. You find little tips and tricks that make things go faster. You learn how to do a lot of meal prepping (more on that here) on just one day instead of every day. Now, if I could just get an industrial size dishwasher that I could put EVERYTHING in, I would be one happy girl. Because honestly, I don’t necessarily mind making the mess. But, cleaning it up is a bit depressing and daunting. (wow, I sound like my kids) It’s pretty huge sometimes.

I am going to share one of my timesaver tricks for how to cut peppers. It is fast and easy!  Eating clean requires food prep and I have not figured out how to get around that one. Until that time, I do have my little tricks and shortcuts for doing some of my kitchen chores. I was pretty excited when I figured this one out. Like I said, I hate cleaning up an extra mess. And, I can’t stand pepper seeds. I don’t like stray seeds in food I’m cooking and I don’t like cleaning a big messy pile of them off of my cutting board. Problem solved with this method. And it is EASY (my favorite thing)!

How to Cut a Pepper (fastest and cleanest)

1.) wash your pepper and set it upright (stem up) on your cutting board
2.) place the blade of your knife facing away from the stem down into the flesh of the pepper and begin cutting down the side of the pepper
3.) as you are cutting, follow the shape of the pepper (so that you don’t leave usuable pepper with the core)
4.) you cut in between the pepper you want to eat and the soft part that has seeds attached from top to bottom
5.) turn pepper and continue the same thing on the other side of the pepper
6.) repeat until all you have left is the stem/core and seeds all attached

How to cut a pepper



How to cut a pepper


See….no messy clean up! You just get rid of the one center piece. If you have a garden, toss it back in there.


Jenn Fehrenbacher