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Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

I keep reading information over and over again touting the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. What is also interesting is the more I ask about it, the more I have friends say that they are thinking about trying it too. It seems like several of us are becoming more conscious and concerned with trying to take control of our own health in a more natural way. Another common comment I have been hearing people say is that they have heard about it and that their grandparents swore by drinking it every day. There must be something to this

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

I discovered it when looking for natural ways to help with reflux. I have had an ongoing battle with this (which is annoying) and I can’t stand the thought of taking the prescribed medicine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for modern medicine when needed but in conjunction with some natural help too if possible. I tried taking the medicines, they absolutely make me feel worse. So, I was really stuck.

That was when I found that Apple Cider Vinegar has a seemingly endless list of things that it is supposed to help with. For example: reflux, weight loss, digestion, detox…I could really go on and on.

I had no clue what I was doing and started taking 2 Tbsp like a shot during times of desperation with my reflux. I have since come to find out that drinking it straight is a BIG no-no. Go figure. I have tried several different combinations and recipes and I have finally found a favorite! And trust me, there were some bad ones too. You may think the shot was terrible, but at least it got it over with faster. Some of these made my teeth started hurting and I was cringing even thinking about it. This particular mix is one that I am actually looking forward to (which seems crazy but I’ll take it).

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

It’s packed with good things! I use local honey on purpose in an attempt to control my allergies and some lemon juice for extra detox benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink


1.) 1/2 oz cherries or other berries in season

2.) 2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (with “the mother”)

3.) 1 tsp Honey (I use local honey for the allergy benefits)

4.) Squirt of lemon juice

5.) Ice

6.) Water


Place cherries or berries in the bottom of your cup. Add the ACV, honey and lemon juice and take a spoon and mash it all together. Add water and ice.

*feel free to experiment with different amounts of berries and ACV. I wanted this to pack a punch, which is why it has the 2 Tbsp in one drink.  You could totally add more fruit!

This recipe was inspired by: Berry Lemon Apple Cider Drink

Apple Cider Vinegar Drink

Disclaimer: This blog may contain affiliate links where should you purchase through them I may earn a small commission (at no cost to you). Thank you so much, this is how I keep my blog up and running!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

This particular concoction all started because I was at a birthday party with my 4 year old. I was talking to a friend about foods to eat when we really want something sweet. I adore chocolate and it is so hard for me to stay out  of it when we have it in the house! My problem is that once I start with the chocolate, I can not seem to stop. A few chocolate chips turn into several and then several more. Then I just continue that pattern, because “the damage is already done.” It really isn’t the best way of thinking because obviously it puts me right back where I started.

Until I get this moderation on chocolate thing under control, I have got to find food ideas that seem like a treat but are not doing nearly the damage. The first thing I thought of when we were talking at the bowling alley was “banana ice cream.” It really is awesome and I just don’t take the time to make it often enough. The more we kept talking about banana ice cream led to me thinking about it more and more when I got home. You can guess where this is going, right? Yes, I ate it for dinner. And it was very good.

I started making it like normal from my saved frozen bananas when I saw a bag of frozen strawberries in my freezer too. Now there’s an idea 😊  And that is how this simple yet tasty dessert was born. Some of my best inspiration is on a whim and this was one of them.

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream


1.) 2 frozen bananas

2.) handful of strawberries

3.) 1/2-3/4 cup milk of choice (I used So Delicious Unsweet Coconut Milk)


Place items in a blender (this is the one I like to use) and start blending. This process is going to feel like it’s getting worse before it gets better……it gets crumbly first, stop the blender scrape down the sides and blend again. Repeat this until the creamy texture takes over. It will happen, just don’t give up!

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

You can eat this immediately if you are a soft serve person (me!) or you can put it in the freezer and let it get a litte more firm. Enjoy this simple treat with just 3 ingredients!

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

A note on the bananas: I just peel and put half bananas in the freezer as they start getting brown spots to save them.  I received a tip to go ahead and freeze them as slices to make blending easier. I’m going to try that next time!

Paleo Strawberry Banana Ice Cream

Disclaimer: this list may contain tain affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you so much! This  is what I use to keep my blog up and running.


Jenn Fehrenbacher

One Pan Sausage and Veggies

I stumbled across this recipe idea while doing some research online about the Whole30 way of eating.  For those who have never heard of it, it is strict 30 days of eating real food. Nothing processed, no sugar, no honey etc. The main focus is to fix issues with food whether they are physical or mental and see how you feel at the end of 30 days.  You eat real and satisfying food while taking the focus AWAY from the scale and foods that may originally seems like treats.

It’s almost like giving your body and mind a reset on how food affects both. Several claim weight loss as a by product but countless people speak highly of all of the OTHER benefits. Those ranging from better sleep, less ailments, more energy, quitting sugar etc. Give you body what it actually needs and then hopefully it starts “running” properly! It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

one pan sausage and veggies

While I am not quite ready to make the commitment (I’m close), I love trying new recipes and have been using several Whole30 style recipes and ideas. Because at the end of the day, the Whole30 is clean eating and that’s wha we are going for! I got the inspiration for the recipe I’m going to share from this post. I saw it and knew I could work with it!

one pan sausage and veggies

One Pan Sausage and Veggies


1.) 1 package Aidells Turkey and Apple Sausage (4 links, sliced)

2.) 2 sweet potatoes (peel and cut in large cubes)

3.) 2 small Yukon potatoes (peel and cut in large cubes)

4.) Approx. 2 lbs Brussels Sprouts (wash, cut off stem and cut in half)

5.) Light Olive Oil (to drizzle on mix)

6.) Adobo seasoning blend or sea salt to taste


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place all items on parchment lined baking sheet and toss in olive oil. Sprinkle with seasoning. Bake for 25-30 minutes.

Hey 21 Day Fixers, this would work for you too! It would be red, green, yellow and tsp allotments…just measure it out when you eat it!

one pan sausage and veggies

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you). Thank you so much, this is how I keep my blog up and running!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Ultimate Reset Tips

The time had come for me to make changes for the sake of my health. It was not just for my weight and not just for my clothes. I had been struggling with some chronic health issues for almost 8 months and getting no relief. And that was not for lack of trying to get help and make changes. I talked a lot about my reasons for starting the Ultimate Reset in this post.

Why reset? And what is the Ultimate Reset?

“We’re breathing air that’s far from pristine, drinking water that’s not even close to being pure, eating foods laced with things we can’t even pronounce-chemical additives, preservatives, and pesticides-and absorbing toxins.”

Basically if running properly, our body is resilient and made to filter these toxins out and try to eliminate these chemicals. However, when our bodies get pushed to the limit, things are not happening quite as effectively. This can be seen in symptoms such as “lower energy, weight gain and a weakened immune system.”  So, like I said in my previous post…I was at this point.  I had gotten so worked up thinking about portions and calories and cravings that I was failing to look at food for what my body truly needs it for.  Nutrients.  And although my diet was basically clean and healthy most of the time, I was still having episodes where I just cheated like crazy and I was missing out giving my body the NUTRIENTS it was desperate for.  I was eating way too much protein in the form of meat and I was cooking almost everything I ate rather than getting a mix of raw and cooked.  I was being “healthy” but sort of missing the boat.

Ultimate reset

“The Ultimate Reset was not designed to be easy. It was designed to be effective.”

This program was designed to “help your system eliminate waste, gently and naturally but it also helps revitalize your body and mind, and fuel your body with the macronutrients and micronutrients it craves.”

Ultimate Reset Phase 1: you RECLAIM your body and prepare for change. You gradually remove foods such as red meat and dairy

Ultimate Reset Phase 2: you RELEASE unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back and begin to start detoxification. The diet is fully vegan at this point

Ultimate Reset Phase 3: you RESTORE your digestive system to maximum efficiency by putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre/probiotics back into your body.

Ultimate reset

My Top Ultimate Reset Tips for Getting Started

1.) Have a GOOD reason for embarking on this journey.  It’s worth it, but it’s not easy. You have to have the commitment and a reason that makes you continue when you don’t feel like it.

2.) Pick a start date that works for YOU. I started on a Sunday and I’m glad I did. It gave me some extra time at the grocery store on Saturday and it gave me a day to prepare and get used to the schedule before being thrown into a hectic week

3.) Join the Facebook support groups for the Ultimate Reset. These were very helpful.

4.) There is a wealth of information in the “files” sections of these Facebook groups. I would recommend printing the “food substitutions list” “reset in a crunch meal plans” and there was also a guide for drinking water, tea and Shakeology recipes

5.) Print each of the phase grocery lists. I had to look through these before going to the store because I did not know what all of the items were (I had to look some up so that I had an idea of what I was looking for)

6.) Keep a journal.  I kept just a small journal to keep track of before measurements but more importantly daily symptoms to see what was making me feel better or worse

These tips were steps I took for my reset that I thought were very beneficial to my success. The reset booklet comes with tips for preparing some of your meals in advance as well. Now, just DO IT. Remember, you are doing this for a good reason. Have an open mind we are TRYING to eat new foods, try new things and get healthy! Stay strong and if you are looking for support or are interested in information about the ultimate reset, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Ultimate reset

Ultimate Reset Posts:

Before the Ultimate Reset

Ultimate Reset Tips: this post



Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links where should you purchase through the, I may earn a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Note: items in quotations were derived from the Ultimate Reset booklet

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Salsa Unstuffed Pepper Soup

It’s almost October and that means we are working hard to get our next meal plan for the 5 Day Clean Eating Junp Start Group finalized and perfected. This also means that I have been experimenting in the kitchen and spending way too much time on Pinterest. (Really, I’m in trouble for internet usage right now 😁)

There are so many great recipes and ideas out there, it’s hard to choose!  Sometimes I pick one and it is a complete flop when I make it and then sometimes I find an idea and run with it. I’m in the mood for fall and I’m looking for pumpkin and soup recipes. I found this recipe and knew it was going to be a good one! It has 21 Day Fix recipe written all over it!

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

Zach will love this one…it uses a bunch of his garden produce!

I know we are all busy and looking for ways to limit our time in the kitchen. There are a few ways you could make this soup depending on your schedule. After making this myself with a few tweaks, I would definitely recommend cooking the rice and just keeping it separate from the soup. When I make soup, I tend to make extra and eat leftovers. The first time I ate this, it was great! The second time, it tasted good but the rice had absorbed almost all of the juice. No longer soup at this point. It was a tasty stew. I also think from a 21 Day Fix standpoint, it’s going to be easier for me anyway to keep the rice separate and just measure my yellow container and then add it when eating.

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

Salsa Unstuffed Pepper Soup


1.) 1 pound ground meat (beef or venison)

2.) 2 Bell Peppers, chopped

3.) 1 onion, chopped

4.) 2 cups rice

5.) 1 quart vegetable broth

6.) 1 quart salsa

7.) 1 can or pint diced tomatoes

8.) 1 can tomato sauce

9.) salt and pepper to taste


1.) Brown the ground meat along with the peppers and onions in a large stockpot (this could be a great make ahead portion during meal prep to use later), drain any fat from the mix

2.) Cook the rice according to directions (you could also do this during a meal prep and save it in the fridge)

3.) Add ingredients 5-8 to the meat and vegetable mix along wo the rice and continue to heat (when it was warm, I added salt and pepper to taste)…simmer for 20 minutes

–in the future I will measure my rice and add it to each bowl when I’m ready to eat (I just think that’s a little easier with the yellow container)

–if you want to turn this into a sort of fix it and forget it, when I was finished cooking the meat and veggies, I added all of that to a crockpot with the remaining ingredients and let it continue to cook.  I didn’t want to continue watching it (#imlazy 😜)

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

See…this is where I messed up. It was great this first time! I think in the future, if I use the crockpot…I will again not add the rice especially if I plan to eat it for several meals

Optional Toppings:

1.) Avocado (1/4 avocado = Blue container)

2.) Greek Yogurt (measure using Red container)

3.) Shredded Cheese (measure using Blue container)

4.) Tamed sliced Jalepenos (measure using green container)


21 Day Fix Containers: Red, Green, Yellow

Here is what I did: I measured 2 Green containers of soup, and then added 1/4 Avocado and diced Jalepenos to the top. I counted it as 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue (mixed together meals can be tricky, this is why I’m going to keep the rice separate next time and specifically measure it with a yellow container)

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

You can find the original recipe here: Stuffed Pepper Soup


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate ads where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. This is how I keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Non Scale Victories

It is so hard to realize that not all progress and improvements have to include a number on the scale. I have had to work very hard the last few years to remember that there are endless other victories that we should be celebrating along our health journey. And you know what? I’m a lot more at peace with things now than I used to be. I’m always working toward improving, and I don’t mean that losing weight doesn’t have its place somewhere in my goals. It is just not my central focus.  And yes, I make mistakes and have slip ups! But, I have changed my focus into using them as learning experiences.  I have finally realized that life is too short to be constantly beating myself up over things.

non scale victories

I have chosen my next program to finish and I’m going to do it no matter what!

Have you ever heard the saying “non scale victories”? That’s what I’m talking about here. These can be specific accomplishments that happen as a result of working toward your goal. Things you couldn’t do before. Setting a goal to stick with something and doing it. And think outside the box with this. It doesn’t just have to be an accomplishment like running a 5k, it can be a feeling. What about realizing that with your healthy lifestyle you are sleeping better? Or what about less headaches? That’s a big deal!!  Don’t discount anything that is getting better during your journey.

Non Scale Victories …. Something to think about


-plank/squat challenge

-no fast food challenge

-complete a workout program

-make it one full day with your healthy lifestyle…then another

-couch to 5k or a faster 5k

-use less modifications as your program progesses

-push-ups from your toes

-exercise 3 times a week

-having some favorite clothes fit

-sleeping better

-less headaches

-more energy

-better lab tests…lower cholesterol

-drink more water

See what I mean? It can be ANYTHING.  It’s just YOU improved (even if it’s just a tiny bit).  I think you will be amazed at how much looking at things from this perspective can change your attitude toward focusing on the positive.  I feel like the big deal with several non scale victories is that they can be things you CAN CONTROL.  You may not be able to control how many pounds you lose but you can control the fact that you choose to press play according to your workout schedule.

non scale victory

I told myself I would drink more water…I’m bringing it everywhere I go!

One of my favorite non scale victories is to choose a workout program and actually finish it. Trust me, I have some that are collecting dust in my house. But when I make the decision to finish one from start to the very end…that’s a victory whether I lose pounds or not. Think about it….I chose to stay consistent and press play despite any obstacles along the way. That’s 60 days of pressing play when I was tired, when I was not motivated, when it was the last thing I wanted to do. That’s exciting!

non scale victory

This was a GREAT day!!

The best part is that you are competing with no one but yourself. This is about YOU and improving YOURSELF. Not measuring yourself against someone else. What can you do that you never had before? What if that is to make it one day without a soda?  Well that would be awesome for someone that has wanted to kick the habit. That’s one whole day 😊.  So, sit down and think about what HAS changed during your health journey. But don’t stop there, make a specific list of things you plan to achieve next. We keep on keepin on during this journey and that’s the most important part!

You pick what YOU want to work on 😊

Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. Thank you so much! It’s how I keep this blog up and running 😊

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Be the Best Me: New Year’s Resolutions

I love New Years Day…it’s like one humongous chance for a great do-over! It is the one day where I wake up ready to go. Ready to achieve, motivated and ready to accomplish major things. The perfectionist side of me loves that it is such an obvious clean slate. So, why not make the most of it? I’m having fun in December, but why not start taking a look at this past year and start planning for an even better next year? It’s like the biggest “Monday” ever, right?  I’m doing some major thinking on my New Year’s Resolutions this time around.

So I’m sitting here coming up with guidelines to help with becoming the best version of me possible. And no, I’m not just thinking weight loss. I mean me…as a whole, what is going to make a person all around happy and content. Notice I did not say skinny. I’m going for CONTENT….at peace. Don’t you think that’s huge when you really think about it. Content means you are comfortable, but isn’t that a good thing? Content means you are at peace. I’m not saying that you are not trying new things or pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. But just that you are doing the best you can and at peace with yourself and all that entails.

Anyone who has been a part of my health and fitness support groups knows I am a big proponent of making things simple. We have a better chance of sticking with it if it isn’t a list a mile long don’t you think? I love having three simple rules for getting healthy in my groups, why not have three simple rules for living my life? So, instead of specifically listing things like sticking to a budget or eating “x” amount of calories daily…why not have three simple rules to follow and have the rest fall int place naturally?

New Year's Resolutions

The Best Me: 3 Simple Rules for New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

1.) Be Healthy:

Notice I am not saying lose weight. I’m talking bigger than that. I am not a number on a scale, but I am a person who deserves to feel good physically. I’m not talking looks here. By being healthy, that will fall into place. I’m talking about FEELING better. Treating my body like a temple instead of the trash can I have a tendency to do at times. Isn’t it amazing how much better things are when you are feeling GOOD? (And how bad things can be when you really just feel like junk?) What a different outlook we can have when we just feel good. So, I just want to ask myself…am I being healthy?

New Year's Resolutions

2.) Be Appreciative:

You know, despite struggles in my life…I have an absolutely huge amount of things to be appreciative for. It’s about time I start looking at what is important more than the things that do not even matter. And seriously just take the time each and every day to be thankful for what I DO have. Don’t you think that is a wonderful place to start that would make a huge impact on my faith as well? I do. But, I also think that it would help my relationships in turn. What if I decided to find all the things that I was thankful for in my marriage or with my kids (instead of being upset about what may not be going the way I want it to)? I wonder where my husband and I in particular would be a year from now if I chose to have a thankful heart?

New Year's Resolutions
3.) Be Present:

In all things. Stop floating through life barely surviving. I have a terrible habit of just surviving the day and then wondering where the heck it even went. Between picking up, cooking, feeding kiddos, dishes, laundry, changing diapers, stopping squabbles…you get the point, I could go on forever with that list. But, I hate that often times I mindlessly go through that endless list and literally fall into bed at night exhausted without ever truly being present to some of the things that really matter. Like my kids. That saying “stop and smell the roses” is starting to make a whole lot more sense to me. I’m thinking being present could save quite a lot of areas in my life…starting with my husband, kids, family and my faith.
Words to live by…
I can’t control my circumstances…but I can control how I respond to them.

So, those are some pretty all encompassing goals, don’t you think? But, I narrowed it down to those three things because I think that if I am at least doing those I am somehow directly or indirectly covering quite a lot of areas in life that would hopefully make me a happier, healthier and better person all around. If I concentrate on asking myself if I am accomplishing those things, it seems like a lot of things should fall into place by default. Three simple rules to live by. Three simple rules I can ask myself over and over again that have an obvious answer. Yes or No. I think that even with my terrible memory, I can run “H.A.P.” through my head during the day and cue myself to remember “Healthy Appreciative Present.”

Am I being healthy? Am I being appreciative? Am I being present?

So, what about you… Are you being healthy? Are you being appreciative? Are you being present?

Let’s see what happens if we CHOOSE to live this way. Happy New Year!!

And when the time comes and you are looking for specific help to accomplish your health and fitness goal, send me a message and I will help you with that! Join my next support group complete with portion controlled nutrition, fitness and support. Let’s make this new year the year we dream big and crush goals!!

New Year's Resolutions


Jenn Fehrenbacher

Navigating Your Beachbody Coaching Back Office

There is a ton of information back here. I am just going to hi-light some of the super important spots for you.

1.) go to www.teambeachbody.com and log in to your account

2.) once there to access your “back office” click on “coach” from the main toolbar and then click “coach online office” from the drop down menu

Coach training

3.) This is the page that pops up.  You will see your name, coach ID, rank, and status along the left column.  As well as contact information for your up line sponsor and up line diamond coaches on your team.

4.) the right side has a list of breaking news and Wake up Calls (NWC: the weekly call providing tips, help and relevant information from top coaches)

5.) the center outlines your success club qualifications and volume.  We will talk about that more in depth under “Success Club” in training

Beachbody coaching


6.) the main tool bar across the top will provide your main information options. Go through these areas when you have time to see what is there.

-start with “start here”

-“news and training” is also helpful as there is tons of training information available

-“sales and marketing” is great for specific information on programs and products as well as help running challenge groups

7.) Setting up your website: Important

Lets get that website set up ASAP so you have somewhere to send your customers!

From your back office (which is the screen shot above)

-click “my websites”

-then click “edit Beachbody coach”

-add your profile picture, information, and profile information.  Make sure to get as much information completed as possible.

-along the right side, click “choose” to showcase 2 challenge packs or programs that you want to pop up easily for your customers right on your main page

-your link to your website will be in the black bar at the top right.  This is your selling site URL that you use to send people to your site

Coach training


Jenn Fehrenbacher

Business Opportunity: Do What You Love

Do what you love….LOVE what you do. Is this possible?

Have you ever thought about that? One year ago at this time I was taking care of baby #4 and happy but feeling a bit stuck. I had baby weight to lose and was just sort of lonely. I was super wrapped up in taking care of my kids (a full time job!) and was not really doing much else. I missed being a part of something. I was just sort of in a rut. Surviving each day and that was about it. Never going for more. Never trying to achieve any goals. Just changing diapers and feeding the kiddos and picking up. (Never actually cleaning…just always picking up somehow). With each child, it had gotten harder to do the things I loved to do. Pick up and go for a run for example…not so easy when trying to squeeze 4 kids on a double jogging stroller. Yah, it doesn’t work. I did not realize what that had been doing to me mentally until I actually started taking some steps to change some things.

business oppprtunity


It all changed when I contacted one of my friends about joining her upcoming PiYo challenge group. I have always enjoyed fitness and all things health related. During one of our conversations, she mentioned that I should think about coaching with her because of my background. And by background..I do not mean super fitness girl or super in shape girl. My background is an average person who enjoys exercise but also struggles with food choices and decisions. I am someone who has had to work hard for every milestone along the way. No, being in shape does not just “happen” for me. So, instead of staying stuck where I was, I decided that there was something I could DO about it. I decided to join her PiYo group and become a coach at the very same time. I decided that I could help myself but that I could also help others through my own struggles and lessons learned.

business opportunity

Beachbody Coaching: Business Opportunity

1 to make you money: check, 1 to keep you in shape: check, 1 to be creative: check

Everything has continued to change from that point forward. Yes, I have lost weight and started taking care of me (along with the kids..instead of only the kids). But, that is what you can see. What you can not see is what has changed inside. It has made all the difference for me to be a part of something again. I have truly enjoyed working with this team of ladies. We are accomplishing goals and helping other people along the way. And I think that is truly what is most important about what we have going on here. A TEAM. A group of ladies trying to be better and bringing others along for the ride.



What I did not foresee was this decision opening the door for a business opportunity. An opportunity to do what I love (exercise, get healthy, and help others) but to do it the way I CHOOSE to and earn money along the way. I go at MY OWN pace. Pretty cool to be a GirlBoss and do things my way.  Guess what..first goal on my list of things to save for..checked off this week. Rental house for our Michigan trip..paid for. Yippee! Next on the list…save for Christmas presents.

So….do what you love and love what you do. Are you doing that? Think about all coaching has to offer. And really, it’s a little different for all of us. But, it will never happen unless you take that first step. Thinking about joining me and my team where we have training and systems in place. Because you are not joining us to do this alone..you are joining to become a part of a TEAM. To have me help you on your journey. Because, you CAN do this! It does not get any better than getting healthy yourself, making friends, and helping others do the very same thing.

Because even on our worst day..we are still taking care of our own health and well being. I can’t complain about that.

My next coach training is starting soon!  I spend time teaching you everything I have learned and am learning along the way in a small private group setting entirely online.  Let me take the busy work out of this for you. (I did it…there is no reason for you to do the same!)  I am looking for a few ladies who want to change their lives. I’m looking for ladies who want to be a part of a team where I help and guide you.

Please feel free to contact me. (Or email jennfehrenbacher@gmail.com) We can chat and I can answer any questions or concerns you may have. That is what you get when you become a part of MY team. You get me…support, leadership and help from me. You are NOT left to do this on your own. We will chat about YOUR goals and help you achieve them. Whether they are health or business related. Let’s start achieving something more!

beachbody coaching

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Beachbody on Demand: Fitness on the GO

Beachbody on Demand: Making your fitness programs work for you!

Think about it..you love working out and pushing play. You get set in your daily routine. You are doing great and sticking with it. And then something happens to switch things up. And I don’t know about you, but one little bump in he road can really mess things up! For example..you go on vacation. Or for some reason you are not at your house. Or maybe you had to stay at work late. Or maybe you just want to utilize your lunch break. Yes..I have brought my DVDs with me on vacation. That’s a bit of a hassle especially when our vehicle is already full of people, diapers, and food etc. But seriously, who wants to deal with that at all times? Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to your favorite programs without having to physically bring them (and for that matter..remember them)?

Or what about this. You have a program that you have been faithful to all along. But maybe you hit a plateau. Or maybe you just want to try something different and switch it up. What if you are having trouble deciding what is the right program for you? What if it was possible to TRY before you BUY?

Beachbody on demand


Guess what…it’s all possible. Beachbody is coming up with a solution for that.
There is some pretty exciting stuff happening at Beachbody and it goes live Monday March 2. It is called Beachbody on Demand. This is so exciting. What it means is that soon with a TeamBeachbody club membership, you will be able to stream your favorite workouts wherever there is an internet connection. Meaning from your smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer whatever. It goes with you wherever you are.

Beachbody on demand


There will be an Beachbody On Demand catalog, where you can find the trainer and program that will get YOU results, and then stream those workouts. All you have to do is be a club member. So for those that are already club members..it is a huge added bonus to what you already have. So for 2.99 a week, you are getting access to several top fitness programs and trainers. That is cheaper than any gym I know about.
In addition to meal planning, tips, and access to our trainers, there will be hundreds of Beachbody workouts available. Club members will get streaming access to top fitness titles like INSANITY, P90X®, P90X2®, and P90X3®. (I can’t wait to try P90X3!)

Beachbody on demand


 Try Before You Buy

Here is what I think is super exciting. You will get insider access to preview select single workouts of newer programs that are not in the catalog. What this means is there will be some access to select routines from the newer fitness programs that you can TRY and then decide what is right for you!  There are single workouts from programs such as 21 Day Fix, PiYo, and Insanity Max :30.

Say you want to try out a program from 21 Day fix Extreme before purchasing. You will be able to check out Plyo Fix Extreme and if you decide that is the challenge you are looking for, then you simply buy the DVDs from TeamBeachbody.com to get the whole program knowing it is what YOU are looking for. Can’t beat that!

Talk about adding a huge amount of value to your club membership. Do you have any questions or want to try it out? Send me a message.

Or sign up for a club membership here. As your coach..you are welcome to join my support and accountability groups. I am here to help you on your journey!


Jenn Fehrenbacher