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Pineapple Paleo Ice Cream

I have a few favorite foods that are absolutely not “clean eating” and would also not be considered healthy in most opinions. (Pictures of pizza, chips, chocolate and ice cream are floating through my head right now) I’m not hating on these foods by any means. If I had the ability to be a moderator with my food, then by all means I would eat these! Moderation, however is not my strong point. I’m more of a person where eating a little turns into me going crazy and having to spend several days getting back on track. It’s not good.

Pineapple Paleo ice cream

BUT….what if we can start making healthy replacements for these foods that are actually not “bad” and taste good?  That would solve some problems wouldn’t it? I had been dreaming of ice cream this time. And also wondering what the heck the obsession is with Dole Whips when I decided to figure something out for me and my food allergy kiddos here!

Pineapple Paleo ice cream

I knew I wanted the base of this recipe to be frozen pineapple. I also knew I wanted to add some frozen banana to add some creamy texture. I tossed in strawberries because I needed to use them before they went bad. Enter the idea for Pineapple Paleo Ice Cream. Are you getting the picture that this is an EASY recipe? Because it was! And it was so good. I even had kid approval with this one. (They are picky little rascals sometimes)

Pineapple Paleo ice cream

Pineapple Paleo Ice Cream


1.) Frozen Pineapple Chunks (I probably used about 2 cups)

2.) Frozen Bananas (I used 2)

3.) Strawberries (I used about 1 cup)

4.) Unsweet Milk of choice (I used approx 1/2-1 cup unsweet vanilla coconut milk)


Just blend all ingredients until smooth. I had to stop the blender a few times and scrape the mix back down the sides.

I loved it right away as soft serve, but you could absolutely place the mix in the freezer and eat it later with making actual scoops.

21 Day Fix Equivalents: it may not be perfect, but I would measure 1 purple container and count it as that too. 

Pineapple Paleo ice cream

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links where should you make a purchase through them I may receive a small commission (at not expense to you). Thank you so much! That is how I keep my blog up and running 💕

Jenn Fehrenbacher