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Summer Fiesta Lime Chicken Mix

Fiesta lime chicken mix…yah, I’m terrible at coming up with names for my creations. I’m sorry!  It’s probably because they are not recipes. Just mixes of food that I decide to share with you all. I can name everything a mix up though, can I? Seems like I’m trying to though. I came up with this one like I usually come up with my ideas….searching through my kitchen using leftovers and whatever is lying around. Pretty fancy stuff, right?  I’ll be totally honest, I felt pretty fancy squeezing some lime juice on there.

It was lunch time and I was in the mood for something quick. And with how hot it is around here during the summer, I wanted something that was not super hot to eat. I had leftover southwestern chicken and came up with what I think was pretty great. Totally portion controlled legal for all of my 21 Day Fixers (click this link for an entire section devoted to helping with the 21 Day Fix) out there by the way!

Fiesta lime chicken mix

Summer Fiesta Lime Chicken Mix


1.) 1 Southwestern Grilled Chicken Breast (leftovers work great! I shredded this as small as possible)

2.) 1 Tomato, diced or chopped

3.) Purple onion, diced (I just used a little bit…approx 1/4 cup)

4.) 1/4 Avocado, chopped

5.) Lime Juice


When I had all of my ingredients cut to desired sizes, I just mixed them together and squirted on some lime juice.  That’s it!

21 Day Fix: red 1, green 1, blue 1

Fiesta lime chicken mix

I’m adding this great recipe to my 5 Minute Meals series. Because who doesn’t like a quick throw together meal that tastes great but you don’t have to spend forever in the kitchen to cook and clean up after?  Looks like I “cooked” but I didn’t 😀

If you are looking for another great 5 minute meal, check this one out..

5 Minute Mexican Chicken….it is awesome!

Jenn Fehrenbacher