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Before the Ultimate Reset

I first heard about the Ultimate Reset program at least a year ago. I looked into it a bit and thought “no way.”  It was a major diet overhaul. Quite honestly I just didn’t think I had it in me to stick with it and not quit. It was also more than I wanted to spend and then fail. See…we all have those feelings of self doubt. It’s human 😊

Ultimate reset

Now let’s fast forward to this year. I don’t know what I had done to myself. But I had spent too much time eating clean and then giving in on the weekends. I went crazy last December with the treats. Then I started thinking I couldn’t eat hardly any carbs. I was ALL OVER the place. Eating healthy, eating junk, overeating. I can only guess that all of this back and forth with my food choices had a profound effect on my body. It finally caught up with me I guess. What is scary is I thought I was being mostly healthy.  I guess it’s proof being a yo-yo with food really isn’t good for you.  I don’t think my body could keep up.

Before The Ultimate Reset

I ended up having some major trouble with my throat that was even radiating into my chest. My stomach was super bloated most of the time (like I looked pregnant quite often) and I was not losing any weight for anything. (And I know for a fact that I could lose 15-20 lbs from the point I was at). My body was just completely out of whack.  I ended up being diagnosed with gastritis, heartburn/reflux, and a candida overgrowth in my throat. What the heck!? I have been miserable for almost 9 months with this diagnosis. And I also can’t get any help with it. I’ve never been so frustrated. I just keep getting one prescription after another that is not helping. (And I would say they actually make me feel worse 😡). I don’t want to take these medications anyway. So, I feel like I am STILL bouncing from one thing to the next when I really just want sone help!

Anyway, that’s where I was at when I decided to rethink the Ultimate Reset. I read about people that were having amazing results with how they were FEELING. Things had finally gone so far and I was so frustrated that I knew I needed a major change. And THAT was what put me in the right state of mind to DECIDE that I was going to do this one way or the other. That was the frame of mind I needed to succeed.

I needed something to push me so far that I had no other choice but to do this right.  We all know I’m a delinquent at heart!  It was time that I stopped this terrible relationship that I have with food!  I needed a redo or a reset where I just started over.  Pounds and weight aside, I needed to feel better!  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I was sick of barely making it through the day.  I was sick of being in a fog and telling my kids “mommy doesn’t feel good.”  How did I get myself to this point?

I made the investment in ME for once and decided I was going to take 21 days of serious meal prepping and grocery shopping and saying “no” to fix what I had done.  Have you ever felt like this? Are you ready to make major changes too?

Stay tuned….I am going to continue sharing my journey as it happens with you all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Ultimate reset



This is post contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission.  I use this to keep my blog up and running, thank you!


Jenn Fehrenbacher

Salsa Unstuffed Pepper Soup

It’s almost October and that means we are working hard to get our next meal plan for the 5 Day Clean Eating Junp Start Group finalized and perfected. This also means that I have been experimenting in the kitchen and spending way too much time on Pinterest. (Really, I’m in trouble for internet usage right now 😁)

There are so many great recipes and ideas out there, it’s hard to choose!  Sometimes I pick one and it is a complete flop when I make it and then sometimes I find an idea and run with it. I’m in the mood for fall and I’m looking for pumpkin and soup recipes. I found this recipe and knew it was going to be a good one! It has 21 Day Fix recipe written all over it!

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

Zach will love this one…it uses a bunch of his garden produce!

I know we are all busy and looking for ways to limit our time in the kitchen. There are a few ways you could make this soup depending on your schedule. After making this myself with a few tweaks, I would definitely recommend cooking the rice and just keeping it separate from the soup. When I make soup, I tend to make extra and eat leftovers. The first time I ate this, it was great! The second time, it tasted good but the rice had absorbed almost all of the juice. No longer soup at this point. It was a tasty stew. I also think from a 21 Day Fix standpoint, it’s going to be easier for me anyway to keep the rice separate and just measure my yellow container and then add it when eating.

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

Salsa Unstuffed Pepper Soup


1.) 1 pound ground meat (beef or venison)

2.) 2 Bell Peppers, chopped

3.) 1 onion, chopped

4.) 2 cups rice

5.) 1 quart vegetable broth

6.) 1 quart salsa

7.) 1 can or pint diced tomatoes

8.) 1 can tomato sauce

9.) salt and pepper to taste


1.) Brown the ground meat along with the peppers and onions in a large stockpot (this could be a great make ahead portion during meal prep to use later), drain any fat from the mix

2.) Cook the rice according to directions (you could also do this during a meal prep and save it in the fridge)

3.) Add ingredients 5-8 to the meat and vegetable mix along wo the rice and continue to heat (when it was warm, I added salt and pepper to taste)…simmer for 20 minutes

–in the future I will measure my rice and add it to each bowl when I’m ready to eat (I just think that’s a little easier with the yellow container)

–if you want to turn this into a sort of fix it and forget it, when I was finished cooking the meat and veggies, I added all of that to a crockpot with the remaining ingredients and let it continue to cook.  I didn’t want to continue watching it (#imlazy 😜)

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

See…this is where I messed up. It was great this first time! I think in the future, if I use the crockpot…I will again not add the rice especially if I plan to eat it for several meals

Optional Toppings:

1.) Avocado (1/4 avocado = Blue container)

2.) Greek Yogurt (measure using Red container)

3.) Shredded Cheese (measure using Blue container)

4.) Tamed sliced Jalepenos (measure using green container)


21 Day Fix Containers: Red, Green, Yellow

Here is what I did: I measured 2 Green containers of soup, and then added 1/4 Avocado and diced Jalepenos to the top. I counted it as 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue (mixed together meals can be tricky, this is why I’m going to keep the rice separate next time and specifically measure it with a yellow container)

Salsa unstuffed pepper soup

You can find the original recipe here: Stuffed Pepper Soup


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate ads where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. This is how I keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Non Scale Victories

It is so hard to realize that not all progress and improvements have to include a number on the scale. I have had to work very hard the last few years to remember that there are endless other victories that we should be celebrating along our health journey. And you know what? I’m a lot more at peace with things now than I used to be. I’m always working toward improving, and I don’t mean that losing weight doesn’t have its place somewhere in my goals. It is just not my central focus.  And yes, I make mistakes and have slip ups! But, I have changed my focus into using them as learning experiences.  I have finally realized that life is too short to be constantly beating myself up over things.

non scale victories

I have chosen my next program to finish and I’m going to do it no matter what!

Have you ever heard the saying “non scale victories”? That’s what I’m talking about here. These can be specific accomplishments that happen as a result of working toward your goal. Things you couldn’t do before. Setting a goal to stick with something and doing it. And think outside the box with this. It doesn’t just have to be an accomplishment like running a 5k, it can be a feeling. What about realizing that with your healthy lifestyle you are sleeping better? Or what about less headaches? That’s a big deal!!  Don’t discount anything that is getting better during your journey.

Non Scale Victories …. Something to think about


-plank/squat challenge

-no fast food challenge

-complete a workout program

-make it one full day with your healthy lifestyle…then another

-couch to 5k or a faster 5k

-use less modifications as your program progesses

-push-ups from your toes

-exercise 3 times a week

-having some favorite clothes fit

-sleeping better

-less headaches

-more energy

-better lab tests…lower cholesterol

-drink more water

See what I mean? It can be ANYTHING.  It’s just YOU improved (even if it’s just a tiny bit).  I think you will be amazed at how much looking at things from this perspective can change your attitude toward focusing on the positive.  I feel like the big deal with several non scale victories is that they can be things you CAN CONTROL.  You may not be able to control how many pounds you lose but you can control the fact that you choose to press play according to your workout schedule.

non scale victory

I told myself I would drink more water…I’m bringing it everywhere I go!

One of my favorite non scale victories is to choose a workout program and actually finish it. Trust me, I have some that are collecting dust in my house. But when I make the decision to finish one from start to the very end…that’s a victory whether I lose pounds or not. Think about it….I chose to stay consistent and press play despite any obstacles along the way. That’s 60 days of pressing play when I was tired, when I was not motivated, when it was the last thing I wanted to do. That’s exciting!

non scale victory

This was a GREAT day!!

The best part is that you are competing with no one but yourself. This is about YOU and improving YOURSELF. Not measuring yourself against someone else. What can you do that you never had before? What if that is to make it one day without a soda?  Well that would be awesome for someone that has wanted to kick the habit. That’s one whole day 😊.  So, sit down and think about what HAS changed during your health journey. But don’t stop there, make a specific list of things you plan to achieve next. We keep on keepin on during this journey and that’s the most important part!

You pick what YOU want to work on 😊

Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. Thank you so much! It’s how I keep this blog up and running 😊

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Coconut Clusters

I have been on an extreme mission this summer to figure out foods that my daughter thinks are treat. Sounds easy right? Not so much. She has been on a strict elimination diet, has several severe food allergies and of course she is picky (why wouldn’t she be, right?).

It seems like we are about 80/20 over here with the clean eating. So, we are trying! It’s definitely not perfect and some of us are more strict than others. I’m sure you can relate. I have a husband who is not quite so on board but he deals with it lol. He’s trying.

In an effort to figure out answers and find a way to relieve her severe eczema, we are currently under the care of some doctors along with a nutritionist that are working on a diet overhaul to heal her body. This elimination diet however meant taking away yet another group of foods and snacks that we were eating for treats and special occasions.

It has honestly been a good way to get the rest of us a bit closer to 80/20 to be honest. Anyway, I had wanted some treats for her. Something she was excited to eat and actually thought was a TREAT when she got it. I was at our local Sam’s and saw something that inspired me to come home and get to work! And, that is how these Coconut Clusters were born. I wanted something yummy that was clean, as unprocessed as possible and safe for her. They are awesome and you and I both know that I can’t stay out of them.

Coconut Clusters


Coconut Clusters



1.) 3 cups coconut flakes or chips (it was not tiny shreds)

2.) 1 cup almonds

3.) 1/2 cup sunflower seeds

4.) 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

Coconut Clusters


1.) 2/3 cup Honey (or Maple Syrup)

2.) 2 Tbsp Almond Butter

3.) 2 Tbsp Ghee (or butter)

4.) 1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract

5.) 1 tbsp Cinnamon

6.) 1/2 tsp sea salt

Coconut Clusters


Place all dry ingredients on a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet.  Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for just a few minutes (just enough to get them lightly toasted).  Meanwhile in a small pot on the stovetop, place all wet ingredients and melt.  Whisk these together until bubbly.  Remove from heat.  Add dry ingredients to a mixing bowl, add the wet and stir.  Take spoonfuls of the mix out and place in mini muffin tins.  Place in the refrigerator or freezer for about 30 minutes.

Coconut Clusters

After I made these, I started dreaming about adding some bacon crumbles and mini chocolate chips in someday.  Doesn’t that sound amazing? Those are not on our list of green light food yet…but hopefully someday!

Coconut Clusters

I’ll be honest, I have been hiding these in our downstairs freezer out of my sight.  I have trouble with moderation!  I was super excited about these because I will for sure be making them as a clean alternative for Christmas snacks this year! No sugar icing coma for me this year!

Coconut Clusters

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. Thank you so much! This helps me keep my blog up and running 😊

Jenn Fehrenbacher

How to Start a Turbo Kick Live Class

I have quite a love for all things Turbofire.  It was just a few short years ago when I was at my absolute heaviest and my third child had just been born as well.  I remember feeling stuck in my house and sort of trapped.  Up until this point in my life I had just always run (ok slowly jog) for exercise.  But it was getting increasingly more difficult due to my growing family (really hard to push three kids on a double jogger especially without running over any  of them).

Anyway I stumbled upon Turbofire and fell in LOVE.  Finally a program that made it Ok for me to complete at home, with my kids and get a great workout.  And for any others out there who start singing or dancing or immediately get in a good mood when their songs come on the radio…you must try Turbo. If nothing else the moving and the music makes everything ok with whatever may be going on in my life and crazy house.

And that leads me straight into Turbokick…love at first sight.  Turbokick is the live version of Turbofire.  If you found this blog post in search of how to start your classes….you know.  You get it.  It’s like happy, high intensity, sweat, strength, fun and friends all rolled into one. Really.  Have you thought about attending a class? Do it.  Have you thought about becoming Turbokick certified? Do it.


And I’m here to say…do it YOUR way.  I have set my Turbo kick classes up in a way that works for me, my family and my class.  We do what works for us for this time in our lives.  My class started in my garage and most classes continue there to this day.  I have a great group of ladies that live in the area who join my weekly and I can’t even express how much they mean to me.  They were looking for a workout, I was looking for workout friends! We take each week as it comes…from 0 degree weather to triple digits (this is southern Indiana and we have to just work it out and have an open mind 😊💦💦☀️❄️).  But one thing I can say is that we are consistent. We have each other to stay accountable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How to Start a Turbokcik Live Class

So let’s talk about getting your class started.  I use the same equipment whether I am in my garage with my kids spraying us with squirt guns or at the gym.  And I teach the same way both places too.


1.) IPod: I did purchase an iPod that I designated for Turbokick or live classes only. I keep it in a hard sided zipper lunchbox along with any power cords, business/punch cards, pens or Turbokick CDs (just in case!)  It has been great to have a dedicated ipod because I don’t lose it!

2.) Sharkk Speaker: this was my first speaker for the garage and it has been great.  It is very small and fits in my Turbokick lunchbox as well.  It is also loud enough for a room.  This connects easily via Bluetooth to my iPod.  I use this one when I am practicing in my house also.

3.) Ion Explorer Speaker: LOVE the big dog too. I have transitioned to using this one more often especially now that we are outside at my house during the summer.  I bring this one to the gym I teach at as well. This one is so easy to use and the Bluetooth connects easily.  Love the sound quality and volume .

4.) Samson Airline 77: and this microphone is on my wishlist. I don’t need a microphone at home and have not used one yet at the gym.  But, I can see where the time is coming especially with my growing class to invest in one for the gym.  I’m saving for it now! This is the microphone that they recommended at my certification as well as in any Turbokick instructor groups I am in. So, I’m going with what they say!

How to Learn a New Round

When I first got certified, the instructor said she went home and practiced for 2 weeks straight.  She was a professional and I thought if she needs to practice that much, then I better go home and do the same darn thing.  And so for two straight weeks before my first class, I practiced Round 65 until I knew it forwards and backwards.

Here is how I specifically learn them now and how I do it quickly.  I promise, it gets much easier!

1.) I get the new round (best mail day ever!) and I get out the notes.  I re-write the notes really big on 8 1/2 x 11 paper in a way that makes sense to me.  And I break it down into the sections so that they are easily visible. I put them in clear sheet protectors and bring them to class! (They are my safet net in case I draw a blank)


2.) I practice the new round at least twice right along with the master trainers on the instructional DVD


There is my easel I use while I practice a new round!

3.) I sit down with my notes and music and watch the Turbo section to get it down with all of the cues and music changes.  It goes fast and I want to make sure I have my moves hitting the music cues.  I write notes to myself like “whistle” “hey” “whip” or whatever the sound effects sound like to me and what move they start on.

4.) Next I memorize…I bring the sheets in my car with the music CD and I memorize as I drive.  I start with the Punches section and go over  the moves over and over til I get them in my head. Then I switch to the next song and continue in the same manner until the end. (**please be SAFE if you are doing this in the car, I go thru all of it in my mind.  The notes are only there for waiting until I am parked.  I’m accepting no responsibility for those driving and looking at their notes because I did not say to do that)

5.) Speed up the process: I have gotten way more comfortable with teaching as time has gone on.  I go through these steps and now I start rounds almost right away.  I just bring my notes and re-read each section during the HIIT break from the section before.

How I Teach a New Round

I have made it a personal goal to get my class a good workout BUT I never want them leaving frustrated or confused. I know what it feels like to feel lost and never come back. And that is not what I am going for. I want them comfortable mentally.

We use each round of music and moves for 6 weeks. The first few weeks I spend a lot of time talking and explaining. I talk about everything we are getting ready to do and I have found that it really helps them if I count down how many moves until we start the next move or layer. Usually I start at 4, 3, 2, and then during the last time doing that move I start to cue for the next move instead of saying “1”.  And then honestly for the first few weeks, we usually only do 2 layers for each section. Everyone will get there own teaching style…seems like I am talking the whole time about what we are doing (jab cross jab knee, right left right knee and so on). We work on mastering those and getting comfortable. But also repeating them longing enough so that the class can really put a lot of oomph in them. That way they don’t feel like they are “learning” and awkward the whole time. As the weeks go on, I introduce new layers and we get really good at it. By the last few weeks we are pros and ready to move on to the next.  It’s exciting!

***new to class or a tricky move: I will keep the music going but slow down and really exaggerate a move the first few times we do it and then talk them through speeding up.

My class is sporty because that’s how I tend to be. Trust me…they all start cracking up any time the move “brush your shoulders” is included. I look like a goober when I try to make it funky. So we go sporty!

What about making mistakes? We all make them! It happens and by the end of the 6 weeks…my class can help me if my mind happens to wander. Did you know one of the main reasons I talk so much and count down is to keep myself on track? Yep that’s why 😂😂 It’s all good. We just go on!

The point is YOU DO YOU and pay attention to what is working for your class!  Good luck on your Turbokick journey!!


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them I may receive a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running, thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

5 Quick And Easy 21 Day Fix Meals

So you are ready to eat clean. Or you started the 21 Day Fix and the first week was awesome! You are making progress. At the beginning you had all of this great motivation to cook and try new recipes and take extra time in the kitchen to make your healthy meals. And then, real life happened. You got busy or overwhelmed. Or maybe you just became stinking tired of spending soooo much time in the kitchen cooking and then cleaning up after. (That’s me)


Is there a way to find some kind of balance? Is there way to have it all? Meaning can you eat clean, healthy meals without spending endless hours preparing all of it as well as dealing with the aftermath in your sink and on your counters? I think there is a way. It starts with setting aside a chunk of time to meal prep. I have a day where I will spend 1-2 hours cooking most of my staples for the week. It gets easier and faster the more times you do this, I promise. I cook meat and vegetables and then wash and cut any fruit and raw vegetables. You can check this post out for my exact steps for clean eating meal prep. It is one of my most popular guides. And I keep it simple!

Here is the big question though…what do you do with the food? For example, is there a way to turn your meal prepped food into several different recipes throughout the week? Ladies and gentleman, yes there is. I am going to share with you some of my recipe breakthroughs. I like to call them 5 minute meals. My goal for these was to basically use food that I already had around the house and repurpose it into a tasty meal in 5 minutes.

And for all of my 21 Day Fix friends out there, you are going to love this. Simple meals AND simple portion measuring. No guesswork with your container amounts here. No casseroles to figure out (😁😜). The containers used for these recipes are straight forward. Clean eaters, I’ve got you covered too. Here are my 5 favorites so far. Enjoy!

5 Quick And Easy 21 Day Fix Meals

1.) Fiesta Lime Chicken

Fiesta lime chicken mix


2.) Greek Chicken Bowl


3.) Tuna Bacon Salad

Bacon avocado tuna


4.) Mexican Chicken

5 minute Mexican chicken


5.) Balsamic Summer Chicken Mix

Balsamic chicken, beans, and veggies

**for this one, you will have to choose what you want to use for your blue container: cheese OR avocado (or a little of both..just measure it!)


Are you wandering what I’m talking about with the 21 Day Fix? It  is a specific portion controlled nutrition system that takes the guesswork out of clean eating. You get a certain allotment of color coded containers daily that correspond with different types  of food. You just fill the container for your portion and that’s it. Is this something you would like more information about? Or would you like support on your journey? Contact me here, I would be happy to help!


Disclaimer: this blog contains affiliate ads meaning should you purchase through them I may receive a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running. Thanks you so much! 

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Greek Chicken Bowl

I think what I hear most often from people is that they are busy and don’t have time to do a lot of cooking. I get it! I feel the same way. Honestly most of my kitchen creations do not come from a love of cooking. They come from necessity. My family and I are working to get healthy and clean and someone has to do the cooking and the cleaning up (bleh). Me and me.

That is why I am a big proponent of trying to make clean eating cooking and the clean up after as minimal as possible. I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen! That is why I love having a super simple meal prep day where I basically prepare some meat and vegetables for the week. BUT, I also like to make leftover re-dos. What does that mean? It just means I am trying to make a plain chicken breast into a meal that is something completely different than just plain chicken and baked veggies every single time (also bleh).

I have accidentally come up with a group of 5 minute meals that I think are the answer to this problem. They have been great! I feel like we have been busy all summer and it has been great to have a meal that I basically throw together from items I have already in my kitchen. The key is that I want it to be a variety of flavors so that I actually want to eat them. And for any of you out there like me following the 21 Day Fix or trying to stay Paleo, this is perfect! It is super easy to measure your portions out in your containers. (What are these containers?)

This particular mix up came to be while I was making my new favorite salad. It is just a toned down and simple version of that. It’s easy to make and you cook nothing (because the chicken was already cooked on meal prep day!).


Greek Chicken Bowl


1.) Chicken Breast (I use a leftover chicken breast cooked like this), chopped

2.) Cucumbers: cut

3.) Tomatoes: cut

4.) Blue or Feta cheese (or avocado…however the cheese does add a flavor I really like!)

5.) Greek Style Olives (I love mezzetta brand), I slice these also so that I have more bites of them in my meal 😀

Dressing Ingredients: 

-this makes more than one serving, I drizzle a little on and save the rest in the fridge for my salads.  Just whisk all of the ingredients together

1.) 6 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2.) 3 tbsp Balsamic Vinigar

3.) 1 tsp Yellow Mustard

4.) Juice of 1 Lemon (I usually use the MinuteMaid lemon juice from the freezer section at the grocery)


Just mix all of your ingredients together and drizzle some dressing on the top.

Greek chicken bowl

This is a great 21 Day Fix meal.  I love it when it is easy and obvious how to measure my containers out.  That is all you have to do here.  Fill up your color coordinating containers with your foods and then mix them together.  If you are looking to use a yellow container along with this, you could use a 1/2 pita and make it even more portable.

21 Day Fix: Red, Green, Blue, Orange

Are you interested in working toward a healthier life for you and your family? That’s what I am doing too.  Contact me and I would be happy to help guide you along the way.


Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a smal commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Greek Salad

Do you ever feel like you get stuck in a rut with food and somewhere along the way you are just eating the same thing over and over again? I don’t notice it at the time and then after a few weeks (this summer especially), I realized I had been eating what feels like nothing but cooked squash and zucchini. I had gotten in the habit of eating all cooked vegetables and no raw vegetables at all. It’s not really a big deal, but if my goal here is to try to be as healthy as possible and try to fuel my body with a wide range of nutrients….then I am definitely missing out at this point. I like to fill in any nutritional gaps with Shakeology, but I also like to try to include as many as I can for sure at my other meals. Every meal can be a chance to help or hinder, isn’t it?

Every meal can be a chance to help or hinder

I have been “wanting” to eat salads again but also dreading it. They just get so boring and I always end up in confusion about what salad dressing to eat. I don’t want junk ingredients, I want it to taste good, and I don’t want a lot of sugar.  Pretty hard criteria to come by really without spending an arm and a leg on it. If I am going to be eating healthy, I want to LIKE it. Because, let’s be honest…I’m not going to keep eating it if I’m dreading it and forcing down every single bite.

That brings us to yesterday. I had pan seared chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers that I wanted to use. I went to the grocery store and bought some spring mix lettuce. And I have to say I threw together a salad that was AMAZING. I ate it twice, yesterday. I prefer to eat a few big meals rather than a ton of little meals (I obsess over food way too much when I do a bunch of little meals). So, this was a big salad. A big, filling salad that made me really happy 😀💕 I’m also pretending I’m a chef and calling it a Greek Salad.  It has Greek Olives and other Greek style ingredients 😉

Greek salad

Greek Salad


1.) Protein of Choice: I used pan seared Chicken Breast

2.) Spring Mix Lettuce

3.) Tomato (I had a large version of cherry tomatoes)

4.) Cucumber

5.) Avocado

6.) Bleu or Feta Cheese crumbles

7.) Turkey Bacon: cooked and crumbled

8.) Greek style Olives (I LOVE Mezzetta brand)


Balsamic Salad Dressing Ingredients:

1.) 6 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2.) 3 tbsp Balsmic Vinegar

3.) Juice of 1 Lemon

4.) 1 tsp yellow mustard



Make your salad 😀. Mix all of your salad ingredients together in portions of your choosing. Whisk the salad dressing ingredients together and drizzle some on your salad.


Greek salad

Paleo: This is a great paleo and low carb salad. You choose how strict you are with whether or not you want to add some Bleu cheese crumbles

21 Day Fix: yes! It’s possible and easy to make this 21 Day Fix compliant.  Just measure out your red and green containers and use an orange container for your dressing. for your blue container…choose what you want more (avocado or Bleu cheese)

Are you looking for help on your health journey…contact me, I would be happy to help!


Disclaimer: This blog contains affiliate ads where should you purchase through them, I may earn a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher

Crispy Zucchini Boats

I love the warmer seasons. I am not a cold weather person and I think I’m getting worse ever year. I just can’t help it….negative degree weather is not my thing. And then I married a duck hunter. He is crazy! Summer means that our garden is in full swing and that is one of my favorite parts.

Crispy Zucchini Boats

I am always trying to find new ways to cook the vegetables from our garden. I don’t want to waste them, but really I can’t eat plain squash and zucchini three meals a day every day the same way. But that is what  is amazing about cooking and experimenting, right? You can take something plain and turn it into something super tasty. Like a vegetable that you actually look forward to eating.

Crispy Zucchini Boats

That is what happened when I tried these. I had an idea and I ran with it. So good. Crispy Zucchini Boats? Baked Zucchini? Like usual I have no idea what to call these. But, they are worth a try. I promise.

Crispy Zucchini Boats

Crispy Zucchini Boats


1.) Zucchini and Squash: as much as you want to eat (leftovers are good…but not as good as right out of the oven..they are not crispy anymore 😢 reheated)

2.) Cooking Oil or Fat of choice: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Butter, Ghee

3.) Parmesan Cheese

4.) Seasoning of choice: this is where you can experiment and really change the flavor (so far I have used an Adobo blend and a garlic/salt/pepper )


Cut your zucchini and squash in half lengthwise and then I scoop the seeds out (especially if they are big, you don’t have to..I just don’t like the seeds). Place on parchment paper on a baking sheet, peel side down. Drizzle with cooking fat of choice, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and seasonings. Bake 375 degrees for approximately 15-20 minutes and then broil at around 500 degrees for 3-5 minutes. I do this until the cheese is crispy on top.

21 Day Fix Equivalents: Green, Blue, tsp

You could make this 21 Day Fix legal if you measure your portions 😀

Crispy Zucchini Boats

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Jenn Fehrenbacher

21 Day Fix Extreme Day 2

Time for my log from 21 Day Fix Extreme Day 2. A little background on this particular 21 day round. As much as I don’t want to admit it to myself even, I had let some things get off track with my eating. I was eating clean, just way too much. I had been desperate to find foods and “treats” that my daughter could eat with her special diet. Well, guess who was tasting all of it and eating it when she wouldn’t? Me of course. Healthy foods…just too much. And guess who was the one hurting and sad and hoping for healing for her because of all of these changes? Me.

I finally got my head back on track and came to terms with reality. Reality being that this lack of portion control could not continue. For once in my life I also did not wait until Monday. I got the motivation on a Thursday and ran with it. The only downfall is that it made Day 2 a Friday…yikes! We had been invited to a friends house for pizza too. This could have previously been a recipe for disaster.

Here is what I chose to do. 21 Day Fix Extreme (countdown to competition) is a portion controlled eating program where you eat a certain way 2 days (think protein, veggies, one carb serving and fat) and then go back to more of a regular 21 Day Fix eating the third day (think protein, veggies, fruit, carbs, fats etc) and then repeat. I chose to trade out my C2C day with a regular day so that I would have more freedom. I planned my day from the very beginning so that I knew what containers I could eat when. I looked up the equivalents for pizza in my 21 Day Fix booklet (1/4 of a 12 inch meat pizza counts for 2 yellow and 1 red container). I saved those containers for evening but also saved a fruit and a veggie portion for evening to help fill me up (and keep me out of the pizza!!).

Guess what? It worked. I did it.

I did not decide that morning to throw the whole day away.

I did not come home and eat whatever I could find because I already had already eaten pizza so who cares

I went straight back to countdown to competition today 

21 Day Fix Extreme Day 2

21 Day Fix Extreme Day 2

Meal 1: Lean Sausage (R), Zucchini/cabbage/onions/oil (G, tsp)

Meal 2: Chicken (R), Salad Veggies (G), Avocado (B), Salad dressing (O)

Meal 3: Apple (P), Sunbutter (2 tsp)

Meal 4: Chocolate Shakeology (R)

Meal 5: Pizza (2 Y, R), Veggies (G), Watermelon (P)

Workout: Upper Fix Extreme

Although I did not burn tons of calories with this workout…it was hard and my arms felt like jelly after.  I can also feel it today… Which I like! It’s just a different kind of workout (not my usual chronic cardio) and that s probably what I need to be doing anyway!


Although this was not countdown to competition perfection, I was very proud of myself. It was a huge success for me to plan this out and go to this house and not overeat and send myself completely backwards.

See you tomorrow!! And if you want information about joining me on the journey, contact me here.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links where should you purchase through them, I may receive a small commission. I use this to keep my blog up and running. Thank you so much!

Jenn Fehrenbacher