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How to use the 21 Day Fix Containers

Are you finding that you have no idea where to start with your new 21 Day Fix program? You are not alone. Making changes can be hard and can feel very overwhelming at first. And depending on what you are used to…this can be a lot of BIG changes. One of my biggest pieces of advice is just to move forward. Mistakes and all. The goal is to do this and learn to live a healthier life. But, I don’t want people giving up because of slip ups they may have along the way. That is part of the journey. Take them as a learning experience and move on. Don’t give up!

The 21 Day Fix nutrition system is centered around portion controlled clean eating. It takes the guess work out for you and TEACHES how to eat. Each food group is broken down into a color coded container. You are then allowed a certain amount of each container daily according to your caloric needs. No calorie counting! What I have found is really neat is that you do eventually learn how much of each thing you can have. You also learn how much a serving is by looking. I love that it teaches how to eat for the long term.

21 day fix help

I want to explain how I plan out my meals for the day so that I use my containers wisely. This falls straight into the way I meal plan too. Keep in mind…this is just a general framework for meal planning. There are days where I don’t end up following my plan exactly for one reason or another. I just adjust. I know what containers I have left and go from there. The reason I think it is important to at least have an idea of where you are going to use your containers is so that they are spread evenly throughout the day. You are not left with nothing to eat by night time!


Space your meals approximately 2 hours apart

Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day (also spread out)

Use all of your containers

I am going to use the 1,500 – 1,799 calorie bracket as an example for this. You can add or subtract containers depending on the bracket you fall into.

How to use the 21 Day Fix Containers

Green: 4 Purple: 3 Red: 4 Yellow: 3 Blue: 1. Orange: 1 Tsp: 4

1.) I have list of what meals I will eat that day. Then I have my list of container allotments. I fill in the blanks until all of my containers are used.

How to use the 21 day fix containers

You can break this up however you want! I just try to spread my containers out for the day. And it can be different each day. Another option is to start with your dinners and favorite meals..use the containers that you will need here and then work down with what is left.

2.) I then have a list of a handful of my favorite options for breakfasts and snacks. I really don’t branch out much here. I’m honestly just going for as easy as possible.

Breakfasts: steel cut oats, fruit, Shakeology, Greek yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs (we can’t eat eggs here because of severe allergies, but they would be a great protein option!)
Snack ideas

3.) Next, I have some set bulk foods that I prepare each week on meal prep day. I usually cook several chicken breasts and bake some of my favorite vegetables (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower). This way I always have something on hand to eat if necessary. I will plug these in to some lunch and dinner openings.

Here is some information on meal prep day.

4.). Lastly, I have a list of our favorite family recipes. These I add in for dinners throughout the week. I make crockpot meals the days that I know I will be the most busy. My advice is to check out my recipe section (link above) and also to go onto Pinterest and find some recipes that you want to try. Find some favorites. Search “21 Day Fix Chili” for example.

Drink water with each meal. I generally bake my vegetables with a bit of olive oil to use my oil. (Autumn likes to drink her oils as coconut oil by itself throughout the day)…the meal schedule I have listed above is 1 tsp short for this particular calorie allotment. You could drink 1 tsp like Autumn recommends or add it in somewhere else. Up to you!

Here is a sample of plugging foods into your daily schedule.

How to use the 21 day fix containers

Meal planner

Here are some specific examples of meal plans
Meal Plan ideas 1
Meal Plan ideas 2

In my opinion: I like to try to eat my fruit (purple) and carbs (yellow) no later than afternoon

Side Note

You may find that you are too full to eat all of your containers for the day. This can and does happen when you are eating healthy food. It generally has a lot more volume than sugar/salt/fat dense food does. So, it is more food! It’s ok, eat what you can!

Are you still hungry? Feel free to use an additional green container of vegetables.

I run monthly support groups for the 21 Day Fix! You don’t have to go on this journey alone. If you do not currently have a coach you are working with, contact me about joining my next group. (Email at jennfehrenbacher@gmail.com) If you are thinking about beginning your weight loss journey, the 21 Day Fix is a GREAT place to start. Join my challenge group for daily support and HELP during your journey.

21 day fix extreme


Jenn Fehrenbacher