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21 Day Fix Help

So, you have the 21 Day Fix, now what? This portion of my blog is totally devoted to helping people work through their 21 Day Fix program. A resource for anyone to use of tip, tricks and helpful hints that I have learned or discovered along the way. Feel free to check out this section, but also feel free to comment below. If you have something specific that you need help with or a specific question, don’t hesitate to ask! Trust me, I’m not an expert and I don’t pretend to be one. But, I will do my best to find any answers or new tips out.

First of all I just want to say…you CAN do this!  You are making an important first step toward making great changes. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get in shape, eat clean, or gain strength… the 21 Day Fix is a great choice. Because that is the goal. The 21 Day Fix is clean eating. It teaches HOW to eat. It helps you learn what you should be eating and how much of it. That’s what is so exciting. You LEARN what to do.   I know change us hard. But, it is worth it. It is worth FEELING better.

21 day fix help


The support does not stop here. I run monthly support and accountability groups for the people that I coach. If you are looking for accountability, help or support along your journey from a group doing the same thing, contact me about joining one of my upcoming support groups. We share tips, recipes and help to hold each other accountable. It’s more fun together!

21 day fix

Start Here


this section is to help prepare you for the workouts and then the rest of this page will be devoted to the eating portion. Keep in mind, the weight ranges are suggestions. Listen to your body. You may increase your weights for 21 Day fix Extreme.

1.) equipment:
-set of light weights (women think 3-5 lbs, men 8-10 lbs)
-set of heavy weights (women 8-10 lbs, men 15-20 lbs)
-resistance bands (optional for 21 Day Fix, necessary for 21 Day Fix Extreme)

2.) yoga mat

3.) towel and water

4.) workout schedule: these workouts are approximately 30 minutes daily, 7 days a week. DECIDE when you are going to workout and just do it.

5.) modifications: make this work for YOU. If you are just starting out, listen to your body. There is a person in all of the videos showing modifications for the exercises. Follow that person, use lighter weights. Go at your own pace.

21 Day Fix

 21 day fix help

The second week listed above includes an optional additional workout for several of the days to maximize results.

21 Day Fix Extreme

21 day fix help


Get out your booklet. This is going to be a tremendous help for you especially at the beginning when everything is new. Each step I outline below is found I the book. I promise, it gets easier. And, it almost becomes second nature when you get used to eating this way. It is nothing crazy. No wild ingredients. Just portion controlled clean eating.

1.) Figure out your caloric needs: page 4 of both booklets (original and extreme version)

21 day fix help

* there is a more specific breakdown of calories for the 21 Day Fix Extreme program on page 4 of that particular booklet
2.). Containers: these are the KEY to the program. You received a set of color coded containers that are associated with different food groups. You will have a set number for each color container as your allotment for the day. That’s it. No calorie counting. At each meal and snack, you fill your remaining containers. This is portion control, but it is also regulating how much of each TYPE of food you are eating throughout the day. This may be an eye opener! You may find that you are eating too much of some things and not nearly enough of others.
-page 19 and page 5 (extreme) have the graphs that break down how many of each container you get for your calorie range

21 day fix help


3.) Food: spend some time on the next few pages looking at the different types of food for each different container. Start looking for foods that you enjoy or foods that you want to try. Remember to space your meals out during the day.

4.) Free foods: these are listed on pages 37 and 23 (extreme version)

5.) Seasoning mixes: these are a great addition for your cooking to add flavor. I use the Smoky Southwestern Seasoning all of the time. (for example on tacos or fajitas etc). The seasoning mix recipes can be found in your booklet or for more information, you can check this out.

6.) Water: it is very important to stay hydrated no mater what. But, you don’t have to drink plain water all of the time. Page 13 and page 25 (extreme version) both have what is called “the water bar” that lists several ideas for making your water more interesting. Aim for 1 gallon of water daily. (FYI, I have found that it is a bit easier to drink more water when it is room temperature)

7.) Tea and Coffee: you do not have to give up your tea and coffee for either of these programs. It is what you ADD to the drinks that you have be careful about. Page 15 and page 26 (extreme version) include detailed instruction on what to add and what to skip.

8.). Replacement Container Groups BEVERAGES: three times a week you can replace one of your yellow container portions with a beverage listed on these pages (pg 38 and pg 27/extreme). This list includes your serving size in ounces. So, you do not fill up the yellow container, you use the ounces listed and count that as one yellow container used for the day.
***original 21 Day Fix allows for wine as a substitution 🙂

9 & 10 Apply to Original Version of 21 Day Fix (not extreme)

9.) Replacement container groups TREATS: in addition to your beverage trade outs listed above, you can also replace a yellow container with a treat 3 times a week. Page 39 of the original version explains what counts as a treat and how much a serving is. It is not always the yellow container size, but it counts as a yellow container. For example, for plain corn tortilla chips you would fill your yellow container. But, for chocolate chips (another great option), you would fill a teaspoon. There are treat recipes in the back of your booklet as well as on Pinterest.   Just type in “21 day fix desserts”

10.)  Restaurant food and Mom’s Favorites: page 70 & 71 of original 21 Day Fix. There is a list of foods on these pages for when you are in situations that you can’t quite control (restaurants, family gatherings etc) or for if you are craving some of your favorites. The foods are listed along with the serving size and the containers that the particular food will count for.   For example: Meat Lasagna: it is listed in green meaning that this is the portion size (your green container) but there are 2 yellow and 1 red square listed after it. These are the containers you would check off your list after eating.

What if you are still hungry and don’t have any containers left?  Use an additional GREEN container.

Keeping Track

I like to have a loose schedule of what containers I am eating during the day and when so that I don’t get caught off guard and slip up. You just check off the containers as you go through your day. There are different ways to keep track..find what works for you!
1.) printable tracking sheets can be found here
2.) I have created my own cheat sheet that I would be happy to send out to those I coach
3.) phone or tablet apps, there are someone of these out there too if you prefer tracking things on your phone

What to eat when you reach maintenance weight (pg 76 of 21 Day Fix booklet)

Your current weight x 13 = your caloric need for weight maintenance

Your current weight x 15 = your caloric need fir weight maintenance (if you plan to increase your exercise intensity)

There is also a set of container allowances on this page if your maintenance calorie level is between 2,300-2,499

Then follow, the same steps listed above. Determine your daily container amounts and follow the same rules (you must get more containers!)



So, now you know how to eat. But, WHAT should you eat and how can you save time? Here we go. My list so far of ideas and helpful information for doing this 21 Day Fix right! (But, in the real world)

Specific 21 Day Fix Help

One of the biggest sources of wonderful information is Pinterest. It’s amazing. If you are looking for a specific recipe or have a question about the 21 Day a Fix. Just type in “21 Day Fix Chili” for example. Then find one you want to try.

Check out my recipe section. I have made every attempt to include 21 Day Fix container amounts and variation where possible.

21 Day Fix Meal Plans

How to use the 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix: 21 Days to change your life

21 Day Fix daily meal planner simple way to plan your daily meals with several options!

21 Day Fix Holiday Survival

Specific instructions for how to schedule you 21 Day Fix containers for the day

Weekly Meal Planner: easy plug in schedule

21 Day Fix Timesavers

21 Day Fix Clean Eating Meal Plan Week 1

21 Day Fix Clean Eating Meal Plan Week 2

My exact meal prep steps for Meal Plan Week 1 (get a lot done in a short amount of time!)

How to: 21 Day Fix Countdown to Competition

21 Day Fix Clean Eating Meal Planning

21 Day Fix Grocery List

21 Day Fix Snacks

Tips for eating out

Paleo One Week 21 Day Fix Meal Plan

21 Day Fix while traveling

21 Day Fix on vacation

21 Day Fix Seasoning Mixes

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

3 reasons I love the 21 Day Fix

What is 21 Day Fix Extreme

Portion control with 21 Day Fix

My hybrid 21 Day Fix Extreme schedule (Chalean extreme, PiYo)

What’s in your shake? The shakeology added nutritional benefits

Shakeology health benefits

how to make shakeology and recipes

Are you a vegetarian or a vegan..seriously type in something like “21 day fix vegetarian” into Pinterest. There IS information out there for this! We have several food restrictions in our house and we still make this work!

I hope this helps you on your journey! Contact me about joining one of my upcoming 21 Day Fix support groups. The help and accountability is here…take advantage of it! Click below to make me your coach and join one of my groups.

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